J was arrested 10 days ago…

He was minding his own business and crossing the street and police asked him for ID. It had been very hot that day and he had been working (landscaping). He was covered in dirt and the police in our town have nothing better to do than harass young adults and teens in our area. J had a warrant out and of course he was arrested. No additional charges have been filed and he was clean. In fact, he has been clean since before he went to visit his grandfather in Florida.

My husband and I were really upset. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He just looked like a low-life covered in dirt. J is far from perfect and has a past to prove it but I don’t feel the same about the police. There have been several instances that the police have altered and down right lied about events. J knew he had a violation and chose not to take care of it so he is paying the consequences for that. I am still pissed that they stopped my son when he crossed the street to get a drink at a store.

Some interesting things about his arrest and confinement:

  • He called his girl friend and told her to tell us what happened.
  • His Landscaper/Friend confirmed
  • He has not asked for money
  • He has not begged us to get him out
  • He is taking care of it all himself.
  • No additional charges were filed
  • His probation officer is going to recommend that probation continue as scheduled

He may not even have any time added on to his probation. His PO is going to go to bat for him. He is scheduled to go before the judge this Friday. I am hopeful that he can just get back on track. In a way this was good it forced him to face his violation and took him out of limbo.


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I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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7 Responses to J was arrested 10 days ago…

  1. Connie says:

    Yes, this is a case in which to trust his Higher Power. That violation he had – the warrant – was out there…perhaps in the background hanging over him. But now he will deal with it, and it will be done, and he will have handled it – he and those who are supporting him – and it will be a victory for him. I understand your anger with the police, but have faith above all else. For he is walking his path of recovery. This is the best potential outcome, anyway. Prayers coming…

  2. Katie says:

    That is so wrong of the police on so many levels-I don’t want to live in a police state and they should not be allowed to ask for an ID unless you did something wrong-everytime i drove my sons sporty car, I got pulled over for no reason and as soon as they saw it was an old bag driving, they said stupid stuff, like I thought you were blinking me for help, you didn’t use your turn signal-yes, I did, buddy-look at the video cam on your car-they would send me off without a warning,because it was all BS-of course, I appreciate policeman when they are performing their duties in the right manner-we can’t live in the world without them,but we live in such an intrusive society now, I have never been arrested or even had a speeding ticket, but my palms get sweaty when I drive by the police-it seems like they are always trolling for people and its big money with the court fines, tickets,etc.It sounds like J is handling his business well, hope this doesn’t discourage him.

  3. Courtsmom says:

    Regardless of how it happened I’m sure he will be relieved to have this over with. Hopefully he recognizes he has the chance to start fresh and continue to move forward in his recovery. It sounds like he is making wonderful strides and I’m glad for him and your family.

    Your comments regarding the police behavior reminded me of my childhood. I grew up in a small town where the police would pull a car over based strictly on the color of the drivers skin. (I’m not that old – this was still happening in the mid-to-late 70’s). Of course there were official reasons given but everyone knew what was really going on. I hate to think that stereotyping and discrimination is still practiced by law enforcement. With budget cuts and increasing crime rates I can’t believe they have time to worry about people walking down the street minding their own business – exhibiting suspicious behavior, absolutely. Deplorable behavior on their part and a dishonor to the badge they wear.

  4. Jeff says:

    Wow, perhaps my two favorite topics all rolled into one. I’ve written here before as a (now only weeks shy) five year sober opiate addict. I also have a huge, huge interest into the militarization of the police and how much things have changed with today’s out of control cops. The thing is, they can’t just stop you and ask you for I’d as you are walking. If driving, most certainly. But in no state do you have to carry ID when not driving. It varys stats to state when you have to ID yourself but most common is only when under arrest.

    I am going to give all of you the magic words to say if you are ever in this situation. First NEVER – EVER speak to the police. Nothing good can ever come of it other than to say this magic phrase to the officer: “am I being detained or am I free to leave”? Ask it until you are given an answer. To be legal they must have specific reasons to detain you. Without these, you are participating in a willing discussion with the police. Force them to answer. If they say you are being detained find out why. Many times they will be forced to say you are not bring detained or outright say “you are free to go” as soon as you hear those words LEAVE! Had J done this, they likely had no reason to detain him and even more likely no legal reason to get his ID. J likely volunteered his ID. To be sure, they likely made it APPEAR he had to. It just very likely was not the. Case.

    Teach everyone you know about this. You can verify what I’m saying with many, many resources.

    Now, all of that said, this was all on J. Would you blame the cops if they found drugs on him or if he was driving without a license or speeding? J had a lawfull warrant out on him. That’s all on him. He should have dealt with it. Blaming the cops MOM for doing their job and arresting someone with an active warrant out is crazy and ENABLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J had a warrant. End of story. The fact that he got caught breaking the law yet again is his fault not the cops. Had they did this and harrassed him for no reason or made things up, I’d be totally on your side as sadly today’s cops are doing that in epidemic proportions. This was on J. Part of being a recovering addict and an ADULT is taking care of things like active warrants. Fighting the cops and taking Js side is doing him no good. He needs to stand up and be a man. Only little boys need their mothers to say the big bad cops were mean to my son.

    Finally ALWAYS film any encounter with the police ANY. The courts have consistantly held this to be legal. It’s your only way of ensuring fairness. Police will act very different when being video recorded. photography is not a crime. Use it. It’s your best defense. http://www.photographyisnotacrime.com

    I’m sure you’ll not be happy with some of these comments – just as you had a hard time with. Similar ones years ago. In time, like with all the rest, I’m confident you’ll see this is 90% on J and perhaps 10% on the cops.


  5. madyson007 says:

    I already said he had a probation violation and there are consequences that go with that. As far as the rest….the police suck in this town! There is some kind of badge of honor to collar as many teens and young adults for nonsense like failure to yield properly or tail lights out and he just happens to smell a joint located in a suitcase buried under a box in the trunk. Damn these cops have good noses. It’s all beautifully posted on what I like to call the “Town Humiliation Page”.

    I said and meant it. This is probably the best thing that could have happened because it will force him to deal with it. BUT that doesn’t negate the fact that they collared my son because he looked very sweaty and dirty. That’s it. I have not enabled him in any way, I haven’t spoken one word to him for more than two weeks. He is exclusively taking care of this violation and I am more than secretly proud of that.

    • Jeff says:

      Sadly, what you report happening in your town is happening and spreading across America. It’s sad and scary. All we as individuals can do is play the game and protect ourselves. They have to have probable cause to stop you. That is easier to manufacture in a car. On foot it’s much harder and again you don’t have to carry ID on foot. Simply say “I’m late so I have to go” if they persist simply state “am I being detained or am I free to leave.” They may try not to answer but you just ask again. Only the mist correct cop will lie and say you are being detained when you are not. They often have no choice but to say “you are free to go.” Sadly J’s interaction with them was consensual on his part. They likely had no reason to stop him. His PO likely knows it too.

      And always, always, always video record any interactions with police. Make sure jJ knows both of these things.

  6. madyson007 says:

    I have a feeling our town may fall under “only the most corrupt” cop would lie.

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