I refuse to write about it…

sealedlipsevery single time I post even a teeny tiny little positive or hopeful message all hell breaks loose….not gonna do it. My lips are sealed.


About madyson007

I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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4 Responses to I refuse to write about it…

  1. Katie says:

    HAHA Better safe than sorry! I know that feeling well!

  2. Ron Grover says:

    Doesn’t matter if you say anything or not, we are all wishing the best for you.

  3. Lisa says:

    I am sooo monotone about the status of my son’s addiction! Hear ya

  4. tj says:

    I stumbled upon your website while reading about the whole Ibogaine craziness (and please, no more talk of this…that’s not what this post is about). My son is battling an addiction, and I have the sort of unique perspective of being a recovered alcoholic myself for eight years. I tried so many things in my own search for sobriety, some real, some fake, but I think that the thing that finally worked for me (btw, it was the “Celebrate Recovery” program) worked to some degree because I had finally reached that place where I desperately wanted sobriety. Not that CR wasn’t great…it was! But it was right place, right time too.

    I think everyone eventually comes to that place, where there is absolutely nothing appealing about continuing that lifestyle for one more second. Try to keep reaching out, if you can. I think that there is hope for all of our kids. Stay strong.

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