I have people who have been reaching out trying to spread the word about Ibogaine for awhile. Lately, Ibogaine has been popping up more frequently. I am reluctant to have a discussion or even post about it. I know NOTHING about Ibogaine treatment other than it is illegal in the USA. Any “treatment” that touts itself as a miracle scares me. Has anyone had any experience with Ibogaine.

I don’t want to sound harsh but I am not really interested in hearing  about “my sister’s cousin’s best friend said…” or “my husbands business partners wife’s sister said…”. If you are an addict or a parent of an addict who has gone through this treatment I would like to hear what you have to say.

I just want to hear about a personal Ibogaine experience…anyone?

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I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you because you took the words right out of my mouth!

    I would think if it’s the miracle cure this whole epidemic would be solved. What is the deal? Cannot wait to hear from others!

  2. Courtsmom says:

    I just recently heard about this at addictsmom.com. There are a couple (maybe more) there who have been talking about their successes. I believe they used different clinics in Mexico. The prices mentioned seemed reasonable (anything’s better than $15K) for the miracle they offer. I posed questions to a frequent poster – I’m anxiously waiting to get some information.

    Holding my breath and seconded guessing myself. Is it a miracle cure or isn’t it…you get what you pay for…am I just paying for an expensive drug trip…the doubt goes on and on but I am back in my desperate cycle.

    • Bj Long says:

      While Ibogaine is a miracle at detox, it is by no means easy or totally safe. the herb can be hard on the heart, and ECG’s are required. The provider needs to be a medical doctor and a defibrillator and a heart monitor. Ibogaine is the BEGINNING. Without aftercare the addict is very very vulnerable to relapse. The statistics are great for 6 months after Ibogaine treatment, but then the little demon comes on and trouble starts again. AFTERCARE AFTERCARE AFTERCARE. Not just any old meeting. If they did it before, hello, it did not work. So they need AFTERCARE beginning immediately after Ibogaine, so they are not so stubborn and ornery. Their minds are open and they are more interested in the PROCESS. This is not an event. it is a process. Too many people I see, help us help our addict. Only interested in the immediate Ibogaine. Unfortunately only a few are well in a couple years. Read the blogs about Ibogaine. It is a wonderful herb that is in process of being patented. Read: to make money. Ibogaine has been covered by the mainstream news media, ABC and many articles in magazines and newpapers. Use Google. this is not for the lazy or faint of heart. Ask questions, read and read and ask more questions. Loved ones do not have to die.
      PS I have 24 years clean and sober, and have a Masters in Addictions.

      PSS Think about your audience. Is this blog where you are going to find Ibogaine success stories? Those that make it are out there working and living their lives.

  3. madyson007 says:

    I understand desperate.

  4. TheKey says:

    I am an addict that was cured from Ibogaine. 2 years off crystal meth to date. The cool thing is that ibogaine works better for people coming off heroin and alcohol. So if your son struggles with heroin addiction he would have even a better chance than I did. I’m going to tell you why Ibogaine is illegal in the USA (I am very close to some of the most world renowned ibogaine professionals in the world including Dr.Anwar Jeewa of minds alive wellness center)

    The reason Ibogaine is illegal in the USA is because it causes hallucinations. the patient spends usually about 30 hours in a dreamlike state after a flood dose of ibogaine where they revisit traumatic events in their life and have the secrets of their addiction unraveled before them. It cures so much more than just the physical withdrawal, it actually makes you dig deep inside yourself and find the reason WHY you are addicted in the first place, thus making it so effective.

    So why isnt it legal in the United States? The answer is simple. Money. Ibogaine is a one time cure. You do it once and you have a 70-90% chance of staying clean forever. Unlike traditional treatment based on the Minnesota Model developed by Hazelden that has a 1-6% chance. There were trials in the 1990’s attempting to legalize Ibogaine for use in America, but those trials where shut down by big pharma because it was around the time they were attempting to release suboxone to the public. Now you tell me which will make more money, a one time almost guaranteed cure? Or a prescription that is addictive in itself that an addict has to keep coming back for. again, and again, and again.

    I know that this may be hard to believe, but it is of the opinion of the ibogaine community that big pharma, the war on drugs, and traditional treatment models are designed to keep people sick, in order to continue collecting tax dollars off of suffering addicts and their families. Although it may sound absurd, there is sufficient evidence to back it up.

    perhaps this may interest you:

    I’m telling you this from the deepest part of my heart. Ibogaine is intense. It takes a lot of perseverance to do an Ibogaine trip. You are sick, you vomit, you have a trip that makes you feel like your dying, and you must look all your wrongs in the face. Its hard. I peed myself it was so scary and overwhelming. BUT, it does work. When I went to do ibogaine I was living on the street, 98 lbs at 5’5 and dealing meth. I had nothing and nobody. my whole family had given up on me. but with the help of ibogaine, my mother and I are close again and I am developing plans to start my own treatment center in mexico, to help others find the cure. My heart aches at the thought that there are people out there still suffering, who dont even know the cure is here.

    You can look up “Safe Haven Ibogaine” they are in Rosarito beach mexico. They have a lovely intake coordinater named Jessica who can clear up any questions you may have and help you determine if Ibogaine is right for J. Its the place I went, and its a LOVELY place. They have some bad reviews on ripoff report because an addict tried to sneak heroin in and when they tried to tell her parents, the parents wouldnt believe them and attempted to ruin their good name. but I guarentee they are top notch proffesional. Please feel free to email me too


    If you do this for your son, there is a 70-90% chance he will be freed from this forever. Isnt that a chance worth taking?

    • I am glad you have done well but no honest Ibogaine provider would ever claim 70-90%, trust me on that one

    • tj says:

      Holy crap! Stay far, far away from this Safe Haven/Charles Johnston. I’ve been reading about clinics, and the stories about these exact people are TERRIFYING. They are literally all over the web, people treated horribly, money virtually stolen with no good result in addiction recovery whatsoever. These people are monsters!

    • Blake says:

      It is extremely difficult to find the best Ibogaine Treatment Center for you and to tell which ones are scams versus which ones are reliable. Once you get past the scams and unethical places there are many good options that come down to reason for going (drug detox or psycho spiritual), drug use history (what drugs and pharmaceuticals you used and for how long), if you want a traditional ceremony type place or luxurious medical treatment, how long you want, should, or can afford to pay, which country to go to (due to cost of flight, closeness to home, safety due to cartel issues etc., and ease to legally enter i.e. Canada is near impossible to get into with a criminal record even DUI) and other factors that should be taken into consideration. I spent months researching them, talking with their guest services people, medical staff, etc, comparee websites, talked to people who had personal experiences at many of them, visited several of them in person to get a feel for them, compared their activities, compared their methods of administering ibogaine, looked at credentials, and looked into their aftercare plans and help with planning continuing care (which maybe the most important part of achieving long term abstinence from drug use according to many people and research articles). I realized that one of the most important things that will keep me sober and fulfilled in life is to help others who are in hopeless addicted or spiritually dead states of life. Therefore, I decided to help others pick the best place for them or their loved ones based on my personal experiences, knowledge, and thorough research and to help connect people with aftercare resources in the U.S. and to help them make a plan and set goals. This is one of my ways I’m trying to give back to the world and I do it for FREE with no bias. So feel free to contact me and I can offer my insight if you would like it. I would love to help.
      You can email me at freeibogaineadvice@gmail.com or call or text me at 1-469-563-5656.

      I look forward to helping you make a choice that best fits your wants and needs to give you the best chance at happiness and a life free of drugs.


    • Kelli says:

      Also there can’t b any vomiting you may feel as though you may vomit but if you through up ibogaine you must start all over!!!!

  5. TheKey says:

    ps, im having my mommy upload a video on her experience too so you can hear a parents perspective!

  6. Kristin says:

    Heres my mom Kristin’s perspective. Please watch 😀

  7. Kristin says:

    Hi, there. I’m the video mom. I was so impressed with my daughter’s ibogaine treatment results that I myself went to South Africa to the Minds Alive clinic (much cheaper than the place I sent my daughter) and had ibogaine for PTSD from trauma earlier in my life. So I myself have done an ibogaine trip and I found it most helpful for my PTSD. While I was at the clinic, I met a young man, 22 years of age, who was detoxing from heroin. He had a rough trip and was pretty sick for a day afterward but he came out of it with no desire to use and all he had for withdrawal symptoms was sneezing.

    To understand why this works so well, you have to understand that ibogaine actually brings you through your life like a review and you see why you did certain things, why you thought certain things, and how you can learn from your experiences. It’s impossible to explain to someone who hasn’t done it. The trip itself isn’t like doing LSD or something. Your visions have clear, cogent meaning and you get answers to your questions. It’s like ibogaine unpacks your brain and fixes it, then puts it back together.

    Now, to be completely successful, I recommend that anyone doing Ibogaine for drug addiction have a firm program for support in place once they get home from the clinic. Some people do aftercare at a regular rehab, engage a therapist, embark on health regimens, etc. All that is going to be really important for your son to be able to stay clean. You need to understand that this treatment, while super successful, isn’t “magic,” it’s simply the first step in putting someone’s life back together.

    If you want, you may e-mail me privately and ask questions. I would be happy to assist.

  8. Connie says:

    I haven’t heard of it. Sorry. But I work in a recovery house now – I’ll ask around.

  9. Gerry Standard says:

    I got Ibogaine treatment for my daughter. She was the worst of the worst heroin addict as she had unlimited high quality drugs and unlimited money. She tried everything, rehab, methadone and the nightmare of suboxone. I won’t note you with the details but weaning off suboxone made her go crazy. I had read about Ibogaine being used in Canada when they started trials in the 80’s. I was so desperate for help that I picked up the ipad and googled Ibogaine. I called several places and finLly decided on Mexico as my daughter was in no shape to make a long lane ride. Oddly enough after I made the arrangements there was a show on LAW and ORDER nov 2010 shock the Junkie where they used Ibogaine and called it the only known cure for heroin addiction. Since Ibogaine does not work with suboxone my daughter had to switch to a short acting opiate for 2 weeks. It was the worst 2 weeks of my life. We took the plane ride to San Diego and the provider met us at the airport and drove her to Rosaria Mexico. I was so tired and exhausted, I put my daughter in the car with a complete stranger and went to my room and passed out. When I woke up I thought what have I done, I didn’t even know the license number of the car the only thing I could tell you was the car was blue. All these horrible things went through my mind. I was sure they would sell her into human trafficking or worse. The only way I kept my sanity for the next two days was to tell myself the world she was in was way more dangerous than this and the drugs she was doing was killing her anyway. Desperate times call for desperate measures and I was beyond desperate. When I got the first call from my daughter, I cannot even describe it to you, she was normal, calm, sorry, had goals and for the first time in years happy and alive. Prior to treatment she was crazy, high anxiety, hearing voices, violent to the point of stabbing people. Within 6 months of treatment I was shocked to find out her hep C was completely gone. This is no lie I have the before and after test if anyone wants to see them. She has been clean 6 years. Remember with Ibogaine it kills the cravings for 6 months to a year and you do not go through Withdrawls. It resets your neurotransmitters to a time before drugs. Some require a second dose or low foes maintence to deal with paws. You still need counciling because the cravings go away but it takes a while for the drug behaviors to change. Several of my daughters friends have got the treatment and are still clean. I have also worked with several on the addicts Mom website and their kids are all still clean. Make sure whoever you use does an EKG and bloodwork. The provider allowed me yo watch the process as I was so interested and I can tell you in great detail how it works. My daughter described her experience as there was a giant grid in her head. She examined each problem and every possible solution. Once she decided on the best solution she placed the problem in the grid and she was finished with it. It no longer bothered her so she could finally move forward. Some say Ibogaine is equal to 10 years Psychotherapy. There is still much more to tell but this is getting long. It really will get your kid clean and keep them clean. Can I post pictures here? I would be glad to share before and after and myself or my daughter will talk to anyone who wants to know more.

  10. madyson007 says:

    Can I ask you how much it cost you? I am also curious how you found my blog….if you don’t mind? It sounds to good to be true and that worries me a lot. If it is the miracle it seems to be then why is this not being used across the world? Why is this not being posted on the front page of the NY Times? I just don’t get it?

    • Kristin says:

      It’s because addiction makes big money. Ibogaine doesn’t make big pharma rich. But our children repetitively going to treatment that doesn’t bloody work DOES make big pharma rich.

      • sidda says:

        Ibogaine is making people rich………… and there are VERY good reasons it is NOT available here.

      • Kristin says:

        Ibogaine at Minds Alive is given at as low a cost as possible to keep the center running. And you don’t need to spend 10 grand. Too, one bout of regular treatment costs over $20,000. It’s covered usually so people don’t understand what kind of money is made on tradition treatment that simply doesn’t work. Further, it’s done in so many countries. The US is NOT concerned about the health of addicts. It is making money off them like pigs to slaughter. Ibogaine takes ONCE to be effective.

    • sidda says:

      I would do your own research on this, and I would not put any faith in these comments, the same ones are popping up on many addiction blogs……. and, of course, they want you to e-mail them privately….. scam….. BEWARE you have opened the door.

      • Kristin says:

        Whoa. Wait a minute. Suggesting that my offer to personally assist someone who has gone through the same thing I have gone through means I’m “scamming” someone is really paranoid. I am a licensed minister and my child almost died from drug addiction. Further, I don’t get ANY money from ANYONE for suggesting Ibogaine. What kind of world is this when someone offering to help another is immediately questioned but sending your kids to treatment that obviously doesn’t work over and over is “good advice?”

        This woman’s son is dying. I am HELPING. She can of course do her own research. But you know what? I don’t even get paid for the clergy work I do. I work at least 20 hours a week helping people spiritually and I get NOTHING in return. It’s called being a decent human being.

        Why is it so bloody hard to accept that some people give a damn about others? I would NEVER scam anyone. I’m trying to save this young man’s life. So bloody, bloody offensive. Disgusting.

      • Kristin says:

        I don’t recommend ANY ONE center, so there is no way for me to scam anyone. I am a real mother whose child was saved by Ibogaine and I only offered to communicate privately because as a minister I do this a lot with many people (not related to ibogaine). I don’t want or need to communicate privately with anyone. I was offering it as a service to another hurting parent. I’m a real person who is really offering legitimate help and information and I am a licensed minister who would rather cut off my own foot than harm ANYONE.

      • Lee says:

        Sidda … why would you say that without any idea what you are talking about? People are trying to find a good solution and it is very time consuming and confusing… people find a good source of honest info and you go and spoil it. I do not see what you are talking about here on this page.. what scam is there?

        I know a fair amount about this topic and I can tell you a good center like Genesis in Rosarito Mexico is a good choice for professional compassionate treatments. No I do not get paid for this, yes I have met these people and I say that they are good at what they do and they do what they say. At the end of the day it is up to the person being treated to ‘park the car in the garage’ and do it right! (meaning take the opportunity to stay clean).

        If anyone is worried about a scam, then don’t private email anyone. Just call a good treatment center and they will talk to you personally. I can vouch for Genesis – it is worth a call trust me: https://www.genesisibogainecenter.com/

      • power66 says:

        No offense Sidda but you sound like the scammer here. I would say to anyone interested in Ibogaine, just go with the West African root – Iboga. Call the Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica. It’s $4000 for 8 days and the people there are amazing. Watch the testimonials and you will be convinced. Good luck and be strong.

  11. Gerry Standard says:

    I have been asked that same question many times why isn’t it being used. It is used in many Countries. I believe it is 26 and counting. I also believe part of why is the Africans use it in tribal ceremonies for thousands of years and really don’t want it used to treat addiction because they believe it is sacred. Another reason is because it is very costly to produce and the drug companies would rather keep our kids on suboxone long term so they can make money. I believe another reason are some people are just afraid to try, to take a chance like I did to get their kid back and save their life. Another reason is this Country purposely keeps drugs out that are proven to work if you don’t believe me watch the movie Dallas Buyers Club. They did the same thing with known safe drugs to treat aids and the movie is about how they had to bring them in from Mexico. I believe one big reason is because it is clasified as a psycodelic and when people hear that they think of acid or mushrooms or peyote of the 70’s but it is nothing like that. There are many reasons too numerous to list here and there are not a lot of medical studies so that scares some away. Also we have been told so much that our kids have to want it but I have found that to be so not true in working with addicts. I believe that is a tag line made up by rehabs to cover up for their blatant failure and unwillingness to change. I little birds on the addicts Mom told me she thought your son was in real trouble and asked me to try to save him. I work with the extreme cases that are in real trouble to try to give them their lives back. I have made it my life’s mission to help other Moms not to go through the torment and pain I went through. I support the Moms and explain the process every step of the way. I am available to talk day or night. I am retired and have dedicated my life to helping other Moms and their kids get their lives back. It’s like I told one Mom, what do you have to lose? Nothing else is working. Call me or contact me anytime. It’s just a phone call. I only have information that can help. I do not charge or profit in any way. You can use any provider you chose . I urge you to at least consider another way. It’s like that Mom said in her video, she depended on the system and the system was killing her child. It’s because they do not want to think outside the box and look at something that might work. I saw a story on YouTube from an addict that did Ibogaine and he said it’s not available here because our Country does not want our kids clean and at first I thought that was a ridiculous statement to make but after my daughter came back from Ibogaine treatment I knew it was extremely accurate. I wish you the best of luck and end with, what do you have to lose?

    • Gerry Standard says:

      I forgot it cost me 6500 which was way cheaper than rehab or all the money her addiction cost me over the years.

    • Kristin says:

      Bless you, Gerry.

    • Rich Smith says:

      Hi Gerry…..As your entry is now 1 1/2 yrs old, are you still willing to give advice to parents looking for answers to their kids addictions? You mentioned to call you but I don’t see how I can do that from this blog entry. Where to go from here….confused?!?

      PS I’m not a mom but a dad trying to find an Ibogaine Clinic that’s reputable.

  12. madyson007 says:

    What do I have to lose? Another $10,000 grand or so on something that doesn’t work for my son. I will investigate…but so skeptical.

    • I wish you well on your investigation. It was worth $6500 to me to save my daughter and put my family out of the hell we were all in.

      • Kristin says:

        I know…It’s like another world with my daughter now. She doesn’t steal anymore, she is healthy, she is loving and kind and has goals. All the things she wasn’t when that demonic drug was destroying her. We are a family again.

    • Kristin says:

      First, you don’t need $10,000. But I do understand. I am not a rich woman and it about killed me to spend the money to help my daughter with Ibogaine. I kept thinking that even if it didn’t work (and it did), I would know I had done everything I could to save her life. If she died, I would always have had to wonder if she could have been saved. I know it’s horribly expensive. But you can get it in Canada for around $4,000 American I think. And Minds Alive is $2,000 but you have to get him there and that’s not practical. So I would look at Toronto or Mexico.

      • Gerry Standard says:

        If your kid has any kind of record Canada will not let them in, even if it was for drinking 10 years ago.

      • Kristin says:

        Oh, that’s good to know. It is likely that many addicts do have some arrests. So then Mexico would be the closest option for the US. But you can also do Costa Rica, the Netherlands, South Africa, and others.

  13. TheKey says:

    At the end of the day, it may not work. but the chances are that it will. with something along the lines of 70-90% success rate, you can be pretty confident it will work.

    When it all comes down to it, and this is just my opinion, id rather take the chance and have it possibly fail, than let him die and spend the rest of my life wondering what could have been if i had just tried it.

    there are many great ibogaine centers..some cheaper than others. minds alive is only 4,000 as opposed to 8,500 like safe haven. review your options and please have faith. I know this treatment works. I owe it my life. i cry all the time over how blessed i am to have found ibogaine.

    • Kristin says:

      Actually, Minds Alive is $2,000 but you have to get there, and flying to Durban from the US is spendy and long.

  14. Annette says:

    Who are these people? Where did they all of a sudden come from? Have they ever commented on your blog before? Mads be careful.

    • madyson007 says:

      I was thinking the same thing….I will investigate but I just don’t understand if the success rate was that good why would this not be more main stream??? I will be careful. AA/NA has a success rate of less than 5%. Ibogaine 70%-90%???? That is astounding.

      • Kristin says:

        It blew our minds too. But you know what? The information we get here in the US is not always accurate. Keeping people sick is big business and curing them in one shot would mess all that up. This is done all over the world. It’s not this small thing, folks. Many, many people are cured by Ibogaine every day. Just not in the US. I have it on good authority that the clinical trials of Ibogaine in the US were actively blocked by lobbyists employed by the very people who released Suboxone. Think about it. Dr. Anwar Jeewa, the preeminent expert in the field, was there and he told me about it.

      • Sidda says:

        It does not have that success rate. I know you are desperate to help your son but these people are fakes!!!! Please do not fall for this.

      • Kristin says:

        I’m not a fake. I’m a real mother whose child almost died from meth addiction. Show me how you can be so sure I’m a fake. Go on. Look me up. See who I am. I’m all over the net as a professional writer and neo-pagan clergy person. I’m not even able to get paid by anyone for giving this information because I don’t recommend any particular clinic. There are so many of them. What could I possibly gain from faking this? You’re not even being logical here.

    • Kristin says:

      My name is Reverend Kristin Barton. I am a Neo-Pagan minister and professional social services case manager who lives in Coon Rapids, MN. My daughter, Taija, found this blog a while ago. She told me today to post on it to give you a parent’s perspective on Ibogaine. And that’s what I’m doing. For the love of all that’s holy, I’m a middle aged Minnesota mother who wants this young man to have the chance to live. I gain NOTHING from suggesting this life-saving procedure. This is just ridiculous paranoia. It’s done in 26 countries for cripes sake. This is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. I am not employed by any Ibogaine clinic. My daughter’s life was saved by one. That’s IT, people. Why is this so hard? Do the research yourselves. The idea that I’m passionate about the thing that saved my child’s life is such a hard concept to wrap your head around, is it? Seriously.

      • Annette says:

        Kristin, If you are who you say you are…..which could very well be true, you will understand our hesitancy to grab onto any and all hopeful information after YEARS of being in the trenches of this battle. Some of us have used all of our financial resources trying to save our child. So we are not paranoid. We are trying to be wise consumers. We have heard many many promises of treatments that work, see this counselor, enter this program, take this medication….and here we all still are. So please understand that our caution is nothing personal against you…..it is a response to years of being in a nightmare situation where information is abundant, but solutions are few. I agree….if Ibogaine were the panacea to all things addiction, it seems that that information would be more readily available. That there would be a plethora of desperate parents who sought out the treatment and now are shouting about it from the roof tops.

      • Kristin says:

        Hi, Annette.
        I was directly accused of scamming by one person here, and I was responding in general to that. How that would even work is beyond me because I don’t recommend any particular clinic of the hundreds on the planet.

        I know that most of you are simply amazed that if this is what we say it is, it’s not common knowledge. The reason it’s not common knowledge is that this information has been actively blocked in this country. And when I learned about it and in particular when my daughter’s life was saved by it, I became so infuriated that American families whose children are dying are being denied this treatment because Suboxone was a better financial product than Ibogaine was for the big corporations, I was so angry I almost threw up.

        Here’s the real deal. Ibogaine works for most, but not all, addicts. It works on everything but Suboxone, so Suboxone users must switch back to heroin for a few weeks and then get the ibogaine treatment. It isn’t “magic.” It isn’t a panacea. It does, however, work for 70-90% of addicts who use it. It is particularly good for heroin addiction. Wipes out the withdrawal symptoms almost entirely.

        1 in 300 people who take ibogaine die, but Dr. Jeewa told me that this is because some centers don’t do complete medical work ups before accepting patients. A patient cannot have a weak heart or he/she is likely to have a heart attack while undergoing the treatment. Most of the reputable centers will reject patients who do not fit the profile for a likely success, medically speaking.

        I do understand about being tapped financially. My daughter stole thousands of dollars from me and I am still paying off her hospitalizations even though we had 80% of the cost covered through insurance. I understand that this is a very expensive treatment. I did it because I couldn’t live with myself if she died and I hadn’t tried it.

      • Annette says:

        Kristin, your defensive responses are not only unprofessional for someone who holds the positions that you say you hold, they bring question to your credibility. Settle down and stop insinuating that we are stupid because we aren’t grabbing on to your word on something that is so controversial.

  15. I am legitimate. That’s why I gave my whole name. I have nothing to hide. I will even give you my 76 year old Moms number and you can talk to her.

    • Kristin says:

      Exactly. I would love to hear from those who think we’re scamming how we could possibly be doing so if we are not suggesting any particular clinic. I mean, how would that work, exactly? There are so many places that do this. They are all over the world.

  16. Helga says:

    All of this does not work for sure if J does not want to participate. It’s not you, it’s him who needs the treatment. Is he there yet? HE needs to investigate all the possibilities that are available to him, or else it is for not. Trust me, I know….

  17. n bloom says:

    This is a link to a story on ibogaine that was done by a news station in California. I have no experience with ibogaine but have researched it after reading about some success stories on The Addicts Mom website. You can also find some scientific studies under the references section if you research it on wikipedia.

  18. Kristin says:

    Speaking with strong emphasis is hardly unprofessional. If I were a man, it would be a matter of course that I word myself strongly. I’m a Neo-Pagan woman and I speak with conviction. I don’t expect everyone to grab onto my words, as you put it. I do expect not to be accused of scamming because I’m not doing that. And the point is that this is NOT controversial. It’s done all over the world.

    • Annette says:

      Then why is drug addiction still an epidemic all over the world?

      The thought that this could be a possibility but is unavailable due to monetary obstacles is almost physically painful.

      Sidda what do you know that you aren’t saying here?

  19. TheKey says:

    It is physically painful. and unfortunately it is true
    I’m Taija. kristins daughter. the reason she is commenting is because i told her ir might help the blogger to get a parents view on the whole thing.

    I just want to see more people helped by ibogaine. it is my truest wish. I’m not a scammer or a bad person… I just have passion for other addicts. and try to spread the word of ibogaine as much as I can. Out of love for them and their families. because what i went through in addiction almost killed me. and i think if ANY life can be spared..well thats worth it to me. all I’m saying is, ibogaine will cure addicts. it did for me and it will for this womans son. I know its hard to trust a random stranger on the internet. and i know that parents of addicts have been on such an emotional rollercoaster that its hard to trust anyone at all, especially on a matter so serious. but the fact that i am still alive today is testimony to its power. No one should have to suffer needlessly.

  20. Courtsmom says:

    I have spent the last two days (and sleepless nights) trying to wrap my head around this. I haven’t been able to find enough info about this to make a decision. The description of the drug and the procedure remains constant and does sound promising. BUT, beyond that all I find are treatment centers and blogs hosted by people associated with a center or are independent “facilitators”. When you read the comments there are more questions than testimony. AND, of course, there are those addicts who are only too happy to hear about the amazing experience (equate to a new high).

    It does appear that there is an underground market that will probably lead to a new epidemic. I can only assume the US has not capitalized on this treatment since it has the potential for abuse. Is it possible that the powers that be have finally learned a lesson? I’m doubtful. I do believe there is some merit to the “big pharma” argument.

    If I had unlimited funds I would have her on a plane in a heartbeat. There would be no harm in trying. But I don’t and she’s not ready. Of course she claimed to be when we turned her away on Tues. Then, conveniently, Wed morning came the call that the detox center she’s been waiting on had a bed. Less than six hours later she called yet again to say they wanted her to come in on Fri. Can you say crock of sh**?

    So tired of the roller coaster…so tired of the false hope. Just so tired. I am ready for the end…whatever that means. God forgive me.

    • Kristin says:

      I remember being ready for the end. I remember. I remember saying to myself, “If she died, she wouldn’t be suffering any more.” I remember the lies, I remember turning my child away in the middle of a Minnesota winter because she wouldn’t go to detox. I cried and cried. I remember how horrible she smelled, how unlike herself she looked. May the Divine comfort you in this horrible time.

      You are right, the person must be ready. And you’re right, it’s expensive. I was so desperate when I spent the money for the Ibogaine and I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought my daughter was going to die regardless. But I summoned the last of my strength and I said to myself, “This is the last resort and after this, I will have nothing left. God, if you’re listening, do it or don’t do it, but end this. End it. I don’t care how anymore.” The day I got the money order from the bank for the payment I felt like I was bleeding inside. I felt unable to even feel.

      There was a tiny window of hope when she told me that most of her fear was concerning withdrawal. She had withdrawn once before and it was so awful she had given up. When she learned that the Ibogaine stops withdrawal in its tracks, she suddenly gained enough hope to try it. I remember how sick I felt when, 4 days before her flight to Mexico, she told me she was going to go use, that the center told her she needed to be ready to go into withdrawal when she dosed on Ibogaine. So I watched my child walk away, knowing she was going to one of those filthy traps where she might (in my mind) do God knows what for a fix. It was so hideous. But then, she went to Mexico. And then, she came back. And then, life began again for our whole family.

      In my heart I know that the reasons the US has not allowed Ibogaine into this country do not include “potential for abuse.” Anyone who has done Ibogaine will tell you that’s crap. Ibogaine trips are HARD. They are NOT recreational. It’s simply that the trials were blocked by the Suboxone people. Suboxone is a big money maker in the US. And yes, the big corporations know that this cure (Ibogaine) exists, and they are profiting on the desperation of addicts, giving them a drug that is just as harmful and addictive as the heroin they are trying to get off. The immorality is stunning.

      • naward572 says:

        Kristen, I know you said you don’t recommend a specific clinic, but I have been searching for the last few days with my son for an Ibogaine treatment clinic. It is SO confusing! Every place I have researched has good reviews and bad reviews. He can’t go to Canada because of a DUI. Mexico or CostaRica would be easier to get to. I just want to make sure a place is safe and legit. If anyone can help us find a place we certainly appreciate it.

      • chelsey says:

        it is pretty horrible to try to find a good clinic. They are all in competition with eachother, and most of the bad reviews are actually not from patients, but from other clinics. We chose genesis in mexico because they allowed me to stay with my husband and I was able to be with him through most of the process. Dr Morales was amazing and all of the staff there took excellent care of both of us. I do know that ALL of the clinics can be negotiated with price wise so don’t get screwed. You should never pay more than at MOST 4,000.

  21. Ron Grover says:


    Be careful. Too much high pressure defensiveness in these comments for me. Just doesn’t smell right.

    • Kristin says:

      This isn’t high pressure. And again, as no one here who is speaking from direct personal experience, which is what the blogger asked for, is affiliated with any Ibogaine clinic, which is glaringly clear from the fact that we are not recommending any particular clinic, it is a little confusing why someone would think there is something suspicious. I mean, how exactly would any of us benefit from getting someone to do this? There is no way we could even be compensated. Instead, we are real parents who have had real experiences with this treatment and our children are alive today because of it. Period. My daughter would be dead right now if not for Ibogaine and that’s the ONLY reason I am responding here.

      Speaking passionately when someone’s life can be saved is not “high pressure tactics.” It’s speaking passionately. In the end, the family will make their choice. But really, until someone here explains to me how this could be “suspicious” when there are 26 countries who use this treatment and there are a plethora of unaffiliated Ibogaine clinics to choose from, I don’t understand the leap of logic. There is simply no way for me to gain anything by recommending this, except for saving the lives of addicts. So please, do tell me how you think any of us parents with experience could benefit other than this. I’d love to know.

    • Gerry Standard says:

      Go to the website addictsmom.com. There are plenty of Moms who have saved their children and we are all willing to give our personal information and phone numbers for verification.

    • power66 says:

      Grow up Ron and do some research on your own.

  22. Jackie says:

    For those of you speaking so strongly in favor of Ibogaine:
    1. Can you provide any proof that the US government is blocking this for specific reason other than lack of testing?
    2. Have you seen any independent studies that show either the safety or the efficacy of this drug?

    • If you search the internet you will see they are studying the pill form right now in New York. There are also several articles when the person who discovered Ibogaine tried to get funding g and was denied. You will also find information where the FDA started to look at it and based on the fear factor created by the drug companies suddenly stopped. It’s not like that hasn’t happened in this Country before.

  23. Ron Grover says:

    ? Makes me suspicious. Mady, how often do you get over 50 comments to a post? I don’t get that many on my blog when I ask for help.

    I’m not trying to demean anyone but I was always taught and have learned through experience is that if it sounds to good to be true…..then it probably is.

    • madyson007 says:

      Interestingly enough Ron the only other time I have gotten a very high number of comments was when I asked about Suboxone. Isn’t that interesting? I am not ready to jump on Ibogaine as J’s miracle but I am willing to explore the idea and the details of this treatment.

    • Gerry Standard says:

      And that’s what keeps the addict in their addiction because we do not think outside of the box. Look me up, a I am not fake. My daughter was saved with Ibogaine. I have nothing to gain. I was like this website and had no clue until I saw an article in the Seattle Times that they had just started to use it in Canada.

    • NecusRocus says:

      For the same reason I’m reading it….because ibogaine is such a niche discussion topic that this blog actually made it on the first page when you Google it. The more specific of a niche you can hit on, the more likely to drive higher amounts of traffic to your blog. That’s blogging 101. Not to mention that it’s also true, that because of the increased traffic, you get increased posts.

      DMT and MDMA are both incredible drugs for the treatment of PTSD and Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depression, but because of their slight (or intense in the case of DMT) hallucinogenic properties, America shuns them and buries them in the don’t touch pile.

      Not only does the Big Pharma argument hold true, it’s also about enlightenment. The last thing that the people in power want is a society of empowered and enlightened individuals who think for themselves and evaluate everything in an extremely unbiased way. (THEY already messed up and let us have the internet…oops. Look how that’s changing things already, can’t hide things like Iboga like you used to.)
      THEY WANT biased opinions.
      THEY WANT us to argue with each other.
      THEY DON”T WANT us to feel empathy for each other and
      THEY DON”T WANT us heal each other. How would they make any money if we helped each other, never went to war with each other, found ways to agree and compromise and found all natural ways to heal each other that doesn’t require patented chemicals? Think about it. How many drugs can you name that don’t have patented chemicals? Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and a few others don’t count because they’ve been around forever. Even the opiates aren’t just opiates any more, they’re semi or even fully synthetic made in some lab somewhere so that they can patent the formula. Without that patent there is no guarantee that the drug company would be able to corner the market and make any money.
      THEY WANT our money. Just like the Methadone clinic that I go to, it is crazy. The back room looks like a Vegas money counting room in there along with the same type cash counting machines. The “little” clinic I go to is around 500 patients a day at 14 dollars a day cash money. That’s 7 grand a day cash money total and there ain’t no advertising budget. Why would they trade that for something that would cost mmmm maybe $200 if we could get it legal and manufactured in the US and maybe a couple grand to administer it, so a 2200.00 one time payment vs 5000 a year every year until we die. THEY DON’T have our best interests in mind. It is the one major flaw of capitalism. Money is the interest, not humanity.
      Sorry for being so long winded, just can’t stand the naysaying trolls. I have done everything I can to try to get ibogaine legalized. I’ve sent a petition around to all of my friends. Joined different groups to rally and try to get it considered, but it just seems hopeless. And if 70-90% success rate sounds to good to be true, think about this. Even if it was 50%, that would still be 10X better then the 5-10% of other treatments.

  24. Ron Grover says:

    This reminds me of the time I ask about the narconon places. They are the Scientology run places. They had people that had never commented on my blog before telling me how they saved their life.

    That sealed the deal for me never investigated any more after I found thAt connection.

  25. Courtsmom says:

    Good comparison Ron. I am ashamed to say I got sucked in to narconon during our first attempt. That’s exactly what I am afraid if this time. Thanks to my addict I have trust issues especially when it comes to making my own decisions.

    • Kristin says:

      Wow. So there are predatory people taking advantage of the families of addicts. I did not know this (other than the traditional treatment which doesn’t work I mean) and now I understand why you’re very cautious. I promise that it wasn’t like this for my family with Ibogaine. We paid for the treatment, the treatment was given, it took about 6 days total and my daughter came home. That was the end of it. There is no more to it.

  26. I find it so sad the amount of paranoia on this site. Remember nothing is killing your kid faster than the heroin. I can understand your hesitation because I was scared too but my daughter was dying right before my eyes. I am glad I was brave enough to save her. Now she has a chance at a real life. It is no different than my stomach stapling and all the dangers associated with it, sometimes the risk outweighs the damage being done to our bodies. There are not a lot of studies because no one wants to invest the money so you have to go with personal experiences. It’s just like a show I saw the other day about the Jarvix heart. There was no data when it started, there were no studies, it was blind faith but now it is saving thousands of lives. Sometimes you have to trust your gut and luckily I was brave enough and had sense enough to trust my gut and my daughter trusted me. She is alive today because of it. As for getting addicted, it is non addictive and very powerful. Most people don’t want to repeat the experience, once is enough. My daughter has a very addictive personality and she isn’t craving it or wanting to abuse it. I am sorry there is so much paranoia here because the only one that is suffering is your addict. I hope you all find he answers you seek. I forgot to mention there was also a program on the show VICE about Ibogaine. I think it aired about 6 months ago.

    • Kristin says:

      Hi, Gerry. I feel the same way but I guess there are predatory programs out there that these people have experienced. I never heard of anything like that and we found Ibogaine on our own so it was never a question of worrying about being sucked into something. Well, not really. I did have a lot of trepidation. But my kid was dying and I was out of options so I just threw money at the problem and got Ibogaine for my daughter, and it worked.

      It’s so hard to explain to others who haven’t experienced Ibogaine, but anyone who has done it does NOT want to do it again for “fun.” It was 30 hours of hell for Taija. The idea that this drug could be abused or used recreationally is so off base. But how can people know if they don’t know?

  27. Ron Grover says:

    Gerry, there is a good amount of caution and it is all deserved because parents of addicts are by nature a desperate group. Been there done that myself. Makes us vulnerable to many things good and bad. From experience there are many bad people out there willing to take us for a ride. Not saying you are but I have learned to be cautious.

    POA’s support each other. My son is clear and sober since July 2010. Do I recommend the method he used and what we did? No, I share an experience and Mady knows exactly what we did and what happened.

    Like I said before. My radar is sounding an alarm simply because of the pressure and “support” I see on these comments. Funny how many of us POA’s that write blogs are connected and this is the first I see of you guys being so supportive after of course Ibogaine was mentioned and it can be easily searched and found here now.

    The decision for what Mady does is hers and like other POA’s we support another parent in doing what is best for their child. But we are also the first to stand up for that parent with our honest impressions and advice.

    • Kristin says:

      Our children have been cured. We don’t need to write blogs. We do not support 12 step because it doesn’t work for most, and certainly didn’t work for our kids. I would not write about my child’s addiction. I don’t feel that it would give energy to her recovery to do that. I DO write about her recovery, but only because she has asked me to do so.

    • Gerry Standard says:

      I can understand, you are a community just like we on Addicts Moms are a community and protect and support each other. Perhaps we should expand and get a blog. Apparently that makes us legit. Addicts Mom is a place where we all blog. I hope if you have time you read my blog and my journey. We recently held a nationwide rally to bring awareness to the problem of addiction. I am very active in bringing awareness. Not everyone on the site has done Ibogaine but many have after coming to the site and reading our personal journey. I say do whatever works but if the system isn’t working here is another option to look at. I wish everyone on this site well. I just found out about this site from a Mom on addicts Mom website. I never even thought about writing my own independNt blog but now am seeing maybe that would be a good next step. Thanks for your time.

  28. Annette says:

    Gerry…your last comment is filled with guilt and manipulation. We are paranoid and not brave enough to do whatever it takes to save our children….unlike you?
    This is the most bizarre and blatantly unhealthy string of comments I have seen in a long time. All because we questioned the validity of Ibogaine. If it worked for you and Kristin’s daughter, awesome! 2 addicts have been saved. But anytime I see defensive responses, insinuations of my lack of intelligence, guilt that I’m not courageous enough to do what it really takes…those are red flags to me. No one here has provided any sort of scientific studies that have been done, and no direction of where to look to find such information. No one here has offered anything other than their opinion. I will need a hell of a lot more than that to make a very expensive health care decision like this.

    • Go to addictsmom.com website. There are a lot of people on there that have used Ibogaine and our kids are clean. We all post there. I am not guilting anyone just telling of my journey and it was a brave step to put my daughter in a car with a complete stranger. Take it how you want. You give your opinion, I give mine. My daughter is clean and that’s all that matters to me. The Mothers on the site who do it are brave, just like I would say the first one to get the Jarvix heart was brave because it is new and different. That doesn’t make your choices bad it just makes my choice different.

    • Victoria says:

      Someone asked for information from people with direct experience with the treatment. You are not responding to the person who asked, you are finding fault with those people who answered WHO HAVE DIRECT EXPERIENCE – saying, what? That they should n ot share their positive experience? Two people answered, two positive experiences. Nobody responded with a negative experience. The only negatives are people who find fault with those who answered with a positive experience. Nobody is asking you to do it. I want to hear the positives. If there were negatives, I want to hear that, too (I read the article with a link posted. I will research both more)

  29. Tori says:

    31 years ago my Aunt was diagnosed with Cancer. They gave her 3-6 months to live. They did want her to do chemo and take a cocktail of pill to keep her comfortable. She saw several “experts” and they all told her the same thing. My Mom started doing research (not sure how since we didn’t have the internet) and found a clinic in Mexico that had a high success rate for Cancer survivors. Out of desperation and knowing that her only option was death they went down there and did the treatments. She passed away in August of 2011. She lived for 28 years LONGER than every Dr here said she would and she did not die from Cancer. The treatment doesn’t save everyone but they have a huge success rate. My Mom talked to the people there about why their treatment was illegal here and they told her because it is a very inexpensive treatment compared to what they do here, there are no pills to take and no chemo to give. So the fact that Ibogaine is not allowed here doesn’t bother or surprise me. I have spent more than the treatment for Ibogaine on a 7 day stay in Detox for my son. Rehabs are big money maker’s here.

    B had is last shot of Vivitrol the beginning of this month. We will no longer spend $1350.00 a month (8 months of it) on a shot for him when he just turned to Meth. Vivitrol has worked for many, many people and it would have worked for my son if he did the other treatment (therapy, etc.) they told him to do AND if he really wanted to be sober. He is not ready. But if B ever does decide he is ready and is willing to do the work that he needs to do then I would certainly investigate ibogaine. I haven’t done enough research to even have an opinion yet – but I am keeping an open mind to it. I would rather spend the money on that treatment then triple that for another useless rehab stay.

    • Kristin says:

      Thank you, Tori. This story is very relevant. We are brainwashed in this country to believe we have the best treatment for every ailment and it is simply not the case. Not by a long shot. I have also heard of others who were cured of their “incurable” cancer in Mexico. Why don’t we do the treatments here? You guessed it. Big Pharma.

  30. Kristin says:

    The only real studies that are being done are not being done in the US and you all know my opinion on why it’s that way. Dr. Anwar Jeewa has led research on the drug and I recommend you search him. My passion for this life-saving method is being completely misconstrued. I am not personally invested in anyone doing Ibogaine. I am personally invested in no parent having to lose a child. And I truly believe that Ibogaine is the answer as it was for us. However, I’m not going to beat a dead horse. I do want to say that someone randomly and without cause calling me a “fake” was far more manipulative and abusive than any comment Gerry or I have made. We are not trying to pressure you or hurt you. We are truly trying to help. Now that we have told you our stories (which is what was ASKED FOR and studies were not asked for in the original post, by the way), the rest of it lies with you. I know what Ibogaine did for us. I hope you find whatever it will take to save your son. I truly do.

  31. Courtsmom says:

    I promise this will be my last post…Just spoke w/DD about this. Ironically, she watched a program recently (Taboo??) that featured Ibogaine treatment. I am constantly amazed at the stinkin thinkin from an addict. The next words out of her mouth were, “‘I’mI afraid to go to Mexico!” I asked her where she thought her drugs came from in the first place, why she wasn’t afraid to stay in a heroin den, why she wasn’t afraid to become involved with big time drug dealer…s but is afraid to go somewhere with the hope that it might help. Well, the answer was, it’s Mexico mom! Oh brother.

    Tori did a very good job voicing some of my own thoughts. Rather than a personal experience I thought of Magic Johnson (am I right?) and his HIV diagnosis. I remember how ridiculed he was (and the government ) when he was able to explore experimental treatment because he could afford it and others were dying as they waited for an FDA approved treatment.

    I just recently learned about the marketing strategy some companies are employing with the internet and ghost bloggers. I believe if there is any of that going on here they are more likely from the manufacturer/distributer of the drug. This would explain why there is never any one facility that is recommended.

    Frankly, I don’t care how I get the information as long as I get it. Fortunately, I do learn from my own mistakes. I will make a decision based on what is best for me and my family. Not be persuaded out of fear and desperation. I am still on the fence about this but oh man…can it really be?

    Ron, I hear you. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. I really am asking for guidance here. How do we make a decision about this? I guess my biggest flag is there is very little feedback (good or bad) that isn’t tied to a treatment center. If there was something fishy about this wouldn’t we see complaints like you do with narconon?

  32. Kristin says:

    I am not affiliate with ANY organization that has ANYTHING to do with Ibogaine. I am a mother who is doing what I was asked to do here…I relayed my personal story of Ibogaine treatment and have been abused for it. About done now. About done. Going to call it a night. Hope your kids are all ok. Mine is.

    • Kristen Needs to Put a Sock In It says:

      Jesus Kristen I’ve never commented on a blog in my life but I’m breaking my silence to tell you to shut the beep up. Remember how you said you don’t wanna beat a dead horse? Well the damn horse probably disintegrated by now you’ve beat it so hard. WE GET IT, you’re the best, your family was saved, big pharma was behind the JFK assassinations, yada yada yada. If you really believe in this treatment then you should kindly, as I said before, shut the *beep* up because your barrage of comments is turning everyone on this blog off to the idea of this treatment. However many children were going to be saved by this treatment because of the info on this blog are now going to go without it because you went and opened your big mouth and turned it into a joke.

  33. Me too, Kristen. I am just an everyday Mother sharing my story about what changed my life and saved my daughters life. No pressure here. It doesn’t matter to me what choice they make, I just want to share a story of another possibility. By the way I loved your You Tube video. You should join he addicts Mom.com website. You could help a lot of people who are much more open to asking questions and allowing you to share your story non judge mentally. I post there all the time. Several Moms on the site have got Ibogaine treatment and are doing well. It is a very good site to tell your story and help others. I post there all the time. We recently held a nationwide rally to bring attention to addiction.

    • Kristin says:

      Thanks, Gerry. Perhaps I will do that. I think it’s interesting that not one person here asked anything about my daughter’s experience with Ibogaine nor about my own Ibogaine experience that I underwent for PTSD. Just right into the conspiracy theories. You can lead a horse to water, I guess. I won’t be posting here anymore. I hope J gets what he needs.

      • Gerry Standard says:

        I’m with you. I just did my last post here. I am going back to the Addicts Mom website. I thought I could help this Mom but no such luck. 2 more kids are getting treatment on the addict Mom website this week. I am so excited they will be getting their kids back. My daughter just talked to one of them and she told him her only regret was that we didn’t do it sooner. She is 35 and did Ibogaine at 30. I appreciated your post because I learn from every Moms experience with Ibogaine. Recently, I learned from one Mom about low dose Ibogaine and when I researched it I discovered they are using it in Australia for meth and have found that low dose over a longer period of time works well for Meth. It really is fascinating. Low dose also works well for paws and I recently ran across an article that says people who use suboxone experience PAWS for a longer period of time Ghana heroin addict. My daughter did suboxone prior to Ibogaine.

  34. madyson007 says:

    I do want to hear about your experience. Specifics about cost, destination, side effects and any cons you might know about.

    • Gerry Standard says:

      My daughter flew to San Diego and was picked up at the airport and driven to Rosarito Mexico. There are several providers in Rosarito. It is a nice quiet town and a lot f Movie stars own homes there in gated communities. It is not like USA where you are in a hospital or rehab. Treatment took place in a huge mansion in the gated community. I have pictures if you would like to see them. The provide we used treats no more than 4 patients at a time. You are in a dark room as light interferes with the treatment. You are constantly monitored and hooked up to an IV. The provider we used is EMT trained and there is a hospital nearby although it is never needed. You are given a test dose to make sure you can tolerate it. Then about an hour later you are given a flood dose and then one to two hours later you are evaluated to see if you need more. Some people vomit during the process if you do not remain still or have any sudden movement. Most people on addicts Mom website report it is a pleasant experience but a couple of guys did not like the experience but are glad to be clean. The only side effect my daughter had was it is hard to sleep for about 3 days but melatonin works fine. I personally did not see any cons other than I wish I would have done it sooner. The pros from my daughters experience is she has been clean 6 years, she is now hep C free and I would be glad to provide the test results from before and after. I was shocked when they told us it was gone because she had it since 17. The best pro is she is no longer depressed. Prior to treatment she was n a mental facility hearing voices, high anxiety, just a lot of mental problems. They are all now gone. She did have to take celexa for slight depression but she is off that now. To the nay Sayers on this site I also have records from the mental facility to prove everything g I am writing. My daughter had a lot of prior trauma such as rape and it helped her to deal with that and put it in a place that allowed her to move forward. Like I wrote before you still need counciling because even though the cravings and drugs are gone the drug behavior is still there. I guess that was a con. So don’t know if this happens with everyone but after about a year she became very angry and we went to anger management with Mike Speakman. He is very good has written books and started the PAL groups in Arizona. He will talk with you over the phone or Skype. For the nay Sayers he knows very little about Ibogaine. It really was a fascinating process. I forgot to say prior to Ibogaine my daughter was very violent, she pushed my Mom down broke her hip, stabbed people and shot at her husbNd but missed. After Ibogaine the violence was completely gone. This too is also documented in medical and police records. The cost was 6500. I would have sent her to Sarah in Amsterdam but my daughter was in no shape to make the long plane ride. I also contacted the place in Vancouver BC but I was afraid I couldn’t get her over the border with her criminal record. I also called the place in Costa Rica but again due other mental condition I was afraid she would hurt someone or get arrested by TSA because she was pretty far out there and the facility is a couple hours bus ride from the airport so again didn’t think she could make the trip. I was scared about Mexico with all the recent problems but again I had to be brave and realize it wasn’t any more dangerous than the drug houses she was hanging out in. I know it is a hard personal decision and much thought and research has to go into it. I can only share my story and put the information out there. I encourage you to watch the movie Dallas buyers club it is about this very subject how the FDA would not approve treatment for AIDS patients that was known to help and known to be safe yet they had to goto Mexico and smuggle it in. It saved thousands of lives before the FDA a woke up and approved them. It really doesn’t matter to me one way or the other but we all need to band together and look at other treatment options in other countries. I don’t care if it’s Ibogaine or something else. I know it is out there and I know we need to all get together on this issue to force our government to look at other options because I think we can all agree that the 10% success rate that rehab has is not good enough for our children who are suffering and dying everyday. We need to force change or it is just going to be the same old same old at our kids expense. Oh by the way two more kids on the addicts Mom site are getting treatment this week and will post their experiences in hoe next couple of weeks. Several on that site have used Ibogaine although there are a lot of people on the site that have not.

  35. Annette says:

    And it’s Madison’s blog so really only her opinion counts here. I will be quiet now. God bless us all. ❤

    • Chelsey says:

      But come on I mean anyone with half a brain can see through this bullshit. Give me a break. 80 comments on a ridiculous treatment it is the same thing as saying take my magic want and I will free your loved one from addiction forever. Come to Mexico where all the botched plastic surgeries take place, where drugs are all over the place, come let us take your money. Like they say there’s one born every day.

      • Kristin says:

        Except it really happened to us. It isn’t “magic.” We’ve said that. It requires a lot of support after treatment. You’re not listening because you’ve been conditioned to believe treatment has such a high failure rate because of the addict, and it’s because the current treatment models in the US suck. I bloody saved my child’s life with this and you’re being so disrespectful to me and to Gerry and to (frankly) all of us who are trying to save your kids. I DID it myself. I did it for my kid and then I MYSELF had Ibogaine for PTSD. And it is GONE. Two people in my family have benefited from this treatment and I have no motivation except trying to save others. That’s IT. Let your kids die then. I’m done being abused here. I’m not being abusive by suggesting that you’ve got bricks for brains. The truth is the bloody truth, sir. Is there an icon for utter disgust? Insert it here.

    • power66 says:

      Annette try to remember that God is the one who gave you a brain and expects you to use it to the best of your abilities. Research, ask questions, research some more.

  36. Ron Grover says:


    This time I am calling out this Gerry Standard as a fraud or at least a liar.

    On a post at 5:40 pm on July 23rd he/she stated how she let her daughter be picked up by a stranger and didn’t svn know the person or car license.

    On the post 7:08 pm July she knows very detail of the place plus has pictures.

    Get real, this is a scam. Sorry I just call it as I see it. I’ve never been one of great diplomacy and tact as Darlene says.

    • Gerry Standard says:

      Did it ever occur to you that I have the pictures because my daughter took them. I did not go to Mexico with her but I did accompany her on the plane ride to San Diego. Wow, this is unreal. No one wants to see the facts. I am sorry you folks have been scammed but I am not a scammer, I am just a Mom telling my story the way it happened to me and my daughter. Most people ask relevant questions about the treatment. I have never been met with such hostility just for telling my story. Muddy, I don’t know anything about you but I hope you are not following the advice of people who are not open to other possibilities. I welcome any of you to check me out. I am a legitimate Mom of a long term heroin addict who got treatment from Ibogaine and has been clean 6 years. That’s it. No other motive or scam. What would be the scam anyway? I have asked for no money, offered all kinds of documentation and proof, not recommended one specific clinic because I believe it is a personal choice, really what would the scam be? What would I have to gain except the frustration and hostility I have been met with when I am just trying to share my experience. I will continue to share and help people no matter how much name calling you do. I don’t know what has happened to make you all so,paranoid n this site. I feel sorry for you all because the bottom line is my daughter is clean today due to Ibogaine. End of story. You can believe it is a scam or not. Doesn’t bother me at all because at the end of the day my don matter what you say my daughter is still clean because of Ibogaine. By the way since you read my posts several times to try to prove this was a scam I am shocked you didn’t put two and two together that Mom equals girl so obviously I am a girl. I wouldn’t apply for any deceive jobs.

      • Kristin says:

        Gerry, I know…I just uploaded a video to share my experiences and watch…someone is going to say I’m “scamming.” But no one wants legit real information. So sad. I will see you on addictsmom. We tried. And maybe some good info seeped into the right heads anyway. You never know.

    • MammaP says:

      I picked up on the same thing..Mady be careful!

      • Kristin says:

        She didn’t attend her daughter past the border but her daughter took pics of the place and was able to communicate with her mom over the phone about her experience after the treatment (and maybe before too). This is NOT an inconsistency. The daughter told mom all about it just like my daughter did. Why oh why are you guys so bloody invested in going to ANY length to try to make this not real? I posted a video on my PERSONAL experience with Ibogaine after it saved my daughter from meth addiction. Take a look at it. It tells about my whole experience of choosing the center I went to, getting there, settling in, seeing the doctor, doing my trip, and experiencing the programming. It also tells of my lasting results from Ibogaine. I’m sure my daughter will be willing to post about her experience in Mexico too. I’ll ask her.

  37. Kristin says:

    She knows the details because she talked with her daughter and the staff on the phone and her daughter took pictures. You’re so invested in this being untrue you’re skipping basic logic.

    • Kristen Needs to Put a Sock In It says:

      So this women’s daughter was able to take pictures while going through 30 plus hours of hallucinations so bad they make the user never want to repeat the experience? Yeah, I highly doubt it. I’ve watched videos on this treatment once it’s over you are down for the count for a few days to recover. I’m calling bs.

  38. Dawn says:

    Wow – I’m kinda surprised by all of the comments here. We all just want our kids to get healthy! You have to do your own research and do what you and J feel is right for him and he has to want to get healthy too. Rehabs and Drug companies are both big business!! Did you see Dallas Buyers Club??

  39. Kristin says:

    This video was made for my daughter’s channel on YouTube and it is about my personal experience with Minds Alive in Durban, South Africa. It is not to get anyone to go there for treatment but to tell about my experience only.

  40. anon says:

    Something is definitely not right with these new people. On another site Gerry claims to have been present at her daughters second treatment. I don’t see any mention of that here.

    Doesn’t discount the positive studies I’ve read though. Just hate the fact that there are trolls here,

    • Siddha says:

      I know they are popping up on all the addiction blogs ughhhhh.

    • Kristin says:

      1. “These new people” don’t know each other and are not in the same “group.”

      2. Not giving all of the information in a novel-sized testimonial doesn’t render one a “troll.”

      The ridiculousness of this group’s desperation to reject real testimonials which were ASKED FOR is repulsive. Seriously. Have you even watched my video, uploaded here, on my PERSONAL Ibogaine experience for PTSD after it saved my daughter’s life from meth addiction? Nope. You don’t want facts. Facts about my real Ibogaine story are scary. Whatever.

      • Chelsey says:

        “That’s IT. Let your kids die then. I’m done being abused here. I’m not being abusive by suggesting that you’ve got bricks for brains. The truth is the bloody truth, sir. Is there an icon for utter disgust? Insert it here.” — you wrote this yet you continue to comment again and again. Please just go away.

      • Kristin says:

        You’re right. I did write that. And then I saw Gerry trying harder to show you that your children don’t have to die and your families don’t have to suffer like this and I thought…Hmmmm. These people are insulting us out of fear. I lost my temper, sure. But they (you) deserve patience and they’re scared. Bricks for brains simply means that nothing gets through. So I did post again and everything I’m saying is true. Watch my video…it won’t kill you. I state my reasons for getting the Ibogaine myself in the video ONLY to show my motivation and then I go on to describe the experience.

        I will in fact go away. But I cry for people who, when faced with two choices, expanding their minds to allow their kids to live or staying in their comfort zones to the detriment and possible death of their kids, they choose to love their comfort zones more. And that’s obvious because people who have gone through it are not considered to have “appropriate” knowledge of this process. And that, my friends, is simply sad. I hope your kids don’t die in the mean time. I seriously do.

    • Gerry standard says:

      Ask Donna, Mechelle, Nancy, or the other Michelle on Addicts Mom website. if I am a troll. They all got Ibogaine treatment for their kids after contacting me and asking legitimate questions, their kids are still clean today. In fact Donnas son was so impressed with the treatment he is going to school to be a psychologist to specialize in addiction. Are we all trolls? You can insult me all you want, if only one parent on this site comes to their senses and helps their kid out of the nightmare of addiction from reading my story, your insults are worth it, I did not post about the 2nd treatment as my story got so long but I did post that I did observe the treatment. I am very interested in the process and wanted to see it first hand. Someday if it is ever legal here I would love to be a provider. No secret there. I also posted some require a second treatment especially those who have used suboxone as it resides on their neurotransmitters longer. I don’t even know why I bother to write this as I will just receive negative name calling but again if it saves just one kid it is worth it. I am so sorry Maddy that you have created a blog that people are not free to tell of their experiences without the constant insults and accusations. Two more Moms on the addicts Mom website are getting their kids treatment this week and will post about heir experience next week. I guess they are trolls too but again we are trolls with clean kids so jokes on you.

      • Kristin says:

        Right on, baby. Right on. Not one person here has even tried to view my personal testimony of MY OWN Ibogaine experience. I describe the center, the trip, the adjunct therapies available at the center I visited, everything. So they CLEARLY don’t want real stories. They want their narrow comfort zones, and those matter more to them than anything, apparently. But don’t “insult” them. They are the only ones who get to insult. And don’t bother offering legit proof. Legit proof doesn’t work here. Only vague insults work here. Gah. Just Gah.

  41. Chelsey says:

    Why do you feel the need to PUSH this treatment. Okay, so you believe in it, share your story and move on. My son has found sobriety through a different treatment, it has been two years now, I’m not compelled to shove it down everyone’s throat and tell them if they don’t try it they are letting their child die. There is no one size fits all when it comes to addiction, people can relapse no matter what treatment method they decide on. Your comments are harsh and cruel. So what if no one wants to watch your videos, why do you care? You can pushing it over and over and over.

    “I guess they are trolls too but again we are trolls with clean kids so jokes on you.”

    “I hope your kids don’t die in the mean time. I seriously do.”

    These comments are unnecessary and cruel. You are not nice people, I would never trust a word that either of you have to say. You seem to be welcome at the Addicts Moms Blog. Since they seem to be receptive, keep posting there, you are clearly not welcome here.

    You have also raised my suspicion to the point where I am going to send your videos and these comments to the State Attorney General’s Office so that they can look into this. Something is clearly wrong here.

    • Kristin says:

      Please do. Be sure to include all text when you do that. Thanks for that service. Couldn’t have asked for better. I’m squeaky, squeaky clean personally, professionally, and ethically and have no unpaid parking tickets. Hope to hear from the federal office personally. Do you need more of my contact information or will you let them do the research?

      • Gerry Standard says:

        I am with you. Investigate away. I too, am squeaky clean. I have nothing to hide and look forward to talking to the State Attorney General so they can look into Ibogaine. I’m pretty sure freedom of speech isn’t against the law. Name calling and decimation of character is against the law and that’s what has happened to me on this site.

      • Kristin says:


      • Kristen Needs to Put a Sock In It says:

        I thought you said you were going to go away troll? You’re still here. Go away. I hope your child relapses so we can all laugh at your voodoo treatment that doesn’t work

  42. madyson007 says:

    I want to make a few things clear. My son is 24. He alone will make the decision what if any treatment he will receive. I have passed on all the information I have gathered on Ibogaine. If it is something he feels compelled to do we will come up with a way to make it happen. When I first started this blog their were parents praising Suboxone as a miracle. It wasn’t J’s miracle. I don’t know if Ibogaine is the answer. Ibogaine treatment sounds dangerous and promising all at the same time. He will have to decide whether it’s worth the risk or not. That is pretty much the end of this story. I will keep you all updated with J’s choices but I am not holding my breath nor am I going to force him to do something that is promising but also very risky.

    • Gerry Standard says:

      You are right. It is promising and risky at the same time. I too found suboxone was not my daughter answer either but it has worked for many on the addicts Mom website. I continue to share my daughter experience with suboxone on the addicts Mom website but include the statement that it doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to their kid. I hope when your son finds what works for him that you become as passionate as I am about sharing my stories with others even with all the name calling etc. I really wish you and your son the best of luck on your journey and hope your son finds what works for him and really soon as we all know how dangerous addiction is.

  43. I did Ibogaine a year and a half ago for opiate addiction. Ibogaine is an amazing catalyst for change but a person must be committed to change. Realistcially, Ibogaine helps improve the lives of most of the people that do it, it helps 30-40% of the people who are there for drug addiction stay sober but most of the success there lies in the hands of the person and not the medicine. We in the field refer to Ibogaine as an ‘Addiciton Interrupter’, it allows a person the chance to change their life and move on but permanence is not something that exists in human life. I assure you, the things you see and read about the medicine are true besides the statistics usually and the miracle stuff (although for the individual it does feel miraculous) and it is the best tool for overcoming addiction.

  44. Nick Dobkins says:

    After reading the ibogaine forums for a few years, I think the long-term success rate is pretty exceptional in comparison to traditional rehab, but it’s still not a magic bullet and the success rate of “regular” rehab is so low, that it’s not a very high bar. The Ibogaine Research Project clinic mentioned in the Rite of Passage movie linked above, is http://www.clearskyrecovery.com Good luck to everybody.

  45. Ian says:

    The vast majority of people involved with Ibogaine are complete shitbags (some are on this thread) who are milking an unregulated market and taking advantage of desperate individuals who are at their wits end. Hiding behind a facade of humanitarianism and spirituality. That being said, the proper dose of Ibogaine with the proper preparation and supervision will stop a short acting opiate addiction dead in its tracks. You will not be dependent on opiates after Ibogaine. You need to ponder that, what happens without the opiates? However, some people die when they take Ibogaine. Some people have horrific visions. Then some people think they’ve met God. It’s a super difficult experience. Synthetic analogs of Ibogaine are most likely the future of addiction treatment.

  46. Linda says:

    My son returned two days ago from his treatment with Ibogaine. I was not going to post because all this talk of trolls and angry attacks makes me so sad. How scared to death we all are. I am a 6 year survivor of my sons IV Heroin use. My family is in shambles and my son was dying right before my eyes .Last week he stood before me and jabbed a needle in his arm, high on all the xanax from his Addiction Psychiatrist. He wanted to die, wanted to kill himself right there. Rehab, subs, methadone, then the seorquel, xanax, celexa, then heroin, cocaine and who knows what else. Over and over and over again. Jail, did I mention jail?
    I know many of you have faced this nightmare over and over. I know how sick and scared and tired and sad and angry you are, me too. Will I die right beside him? Can one person really take this much pain? WE DECIDED ON IBOGAINE. I do not think he would be alive to see next year if we hadn’t. He is home with me now and is VERY WELL. He is off every single medication and drug and is calm and smiling a lot. Is this your child in withdrawals? I know only a week post-Ibogaine, but I will take every minute of this time. Clean, alive and smiling. My son would be dead I know it. We have so much work to do, but it stopped his use for now and will give him time to think and reason. I will keep you posted. Will we get a week? A month? Years? Forever? I don’t know but this is a gift and we feel very blessed.

  47. HealthcareTraveler says:

    It seems to have worked for my son just this past week. He says he has no urge for heroin anymore. He did not enjoy the Ibogine experience. Said at one point he thought it felt worse than the MRSA infection that almost killed him a couple of years ago and was the beginning of his addiction starting with prescribed oxycontin and ending with him snorting then six months ago shooting heroin. He went to Mexico with my husband who was having bariatric surgery to cure his diabetes. My husbands diabetes reversed and went into remission within 24 hours. He then went to stay with my son at the clinic Genesis (cost $2900) in Rosarito MX. Two people that couldnt talk to each other a week ago are out in San Diago and both seem very happy. My son is so glad to have this monkey off his back he can’t stop talking about it and calling his siblings. He looks on Skype and sounds like my son of 4 years ago before this downward spiral began. Will it last? I dont know yet. But I cant think of anything else we could have done in a week that would have made such an impact. He is finally talking straight and taking responsibility for what his addiction has cost him instead of blaming everyone else. He looks better his eyes are bright again and not glazed over. He started getting his energy back today. My suggestion to other parents is to just have an open mind to this as an option. We are so glad we took it. Christmas day all the grown kids are coming over and we are going to celebrate leaving diabetes and heroin addiction in Mexico. Will it ever find our family again? I hope not but we intend to work on these problems to continue their current success. If someone had cancer and through treatment it went into remission it would be a cause to celebrate. People would not say, “Don’t count your chickens…or it sounds to good to be true” they would say it was great and to keep a positive attitude. I worked for many years in the Big Pharma world. New stuff always comes out in other countries first, Europe and Mexico. It always costs at least twice as much in the US because the US represents 50% of all global revenue. US is the only country that allows direct to consumer advertising and that adds a huge marketing cost to treatments provided in the US. People in the US are very litigious and companies do not want to get in a situation where they can get exposed to class action suits. Companies are looking for drugs that treat conditions, blockbusters they call them (equals long term use by large segment of the population) not to cure conditions for a small subset of the population. They also need to be able to get a patent on a drug to make money in the 13 years they are the only ones who hold the patent and can sell it befor generic versions are allowed. They shy away from drugs that can only be provided in a clinical setting as they are more exposed to litigation based on experiences related to the service providers that are out of their control. You cannot patent Ibogine much like marujuana because it is a plant not a synthetic compounded drug. I think at some point it will be synthesized into something that can be patented and some company will. Because we worked with researchers, doctors and pharma all over the worls we are not willing to wait for treatments that will help us if we can get them outside of the US and believe they are worth doing. BTW got all my dental implants in Mexico for $20k instead of $50K it would have cost in the US including sinus lift and bone graft. Most procedures by the time they arrive in the US have to be proctored to our doctors by European and South American doctors because they are the ones that have all the practical evidence based data and experience. In the United States we think we have the best medicine in the world because we are told we do. But it is not the most cutting edge medicine. By the time something gets by the pharma lobbiests and the FDA it has been around for many years outside the US. Caution may be the best track for everyone in the aggregate but we do not live in the aggregate we live our own lives in our own bodies and should make our own decisions. Best of luck to us all and our families.

    • Dubious claims says:

      Curing Diabetes. Ibogaine has nothing to do medically with the pancreas or regulating hormones. This reads like an advertisement for a clinic and ugh, why do they persist in false claims and misrepresentation.

      • madyson007 says:

        I dont think she was implying that Ibogaine cures diabetes. I understand the reluctance to believe that I bogaine is the answer for everyone but it does appear that it is an answer for some. I continue to watch this thread and appreciate the sharing of experiences. I am not sold on this idea but J continues to think about Ibogaine so I like being informed.

      • Dubious claims says:

        I am fully supportive of Ibogaine having done it myself for heroin addiction years ago but when someone rattles of a long advertisement like that, which has false claims it bugs me, those are the types that keep it from being better known because they naturally invoke skepticism. Ibogaine interrupts addiction, can be a spiritual catalyst, and is a great tool for self discovery. It is not a cure all.

  48. I am leaving for Mexico with my husband who is an addict tomorrow morning to go to Genesis treatment center. It is really confusing to know which one to choose, and we are terrified because of the mortality rate…praying for a miracle. Did the owner of this blog end up taking her child? I found your blog on google in search of real life experiences!

    • madyson007 says:

      No J did not seem nterested enough to investigate logistics. I am not willing to hand him a trip to Mexico with all the details worked out for him. If he wants ibogaine treatment then he needs to tell me how to make it happen. I am done working for Js sobriety.

      Please let me know how your sons ibogaine treatment goes.

    • Blake says:

      I hope the ibogaine treatment works for your husband. I can’t speak personally of Genesis but I do have unbiased reviews and recommendations for a number of other ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico and Costa Rica. It helped me and numerous friends and acquaintances. I’d you or anyone you know is considering ibogaine detox, please feel free to contact me via email or phone. I wish you all freedom from addiction and suffering. Freeibogaineadvice@gmail.com
      Best regards,

  49. Scott says:

    I’m begging you not to trust the positive reviews. I live in Canada and we have lots of opiate addiction everywhere. Canada would have no junkies if this was true. The only way to stop, is to quit cold turkey or wean off slowly, in both cases the addict has to want it more than anything, it’s up to them to stop. I know that might not help and I’m sorry for that.

    • charlie1122 says:

      Well this obviously isn’t accurate in anyway. The only way to quit is cold turkey?!?! What about all the people (myself included) who have done other things such as Ibogaine. Why would Canada have no junkies? You obviously have never done Iboga or Ibogaine therefore your understanding is very limited. Not helpful to anyone to speak as if you know things you don’t.

      • chelsey says:

        my husband did ibogaine a month ago, and he is still sober…a friend of mine is sober a year later…it gives you a new beginning and no withdrawals…

      • Scott says:

        Did I say it was the only way? I also mentioned weaning, my main point is, the patient has to want it more than anything. There’s no magic pill, I have a friend who did ibogane and he’s still shooting heroin, doing oxys and all kinds of opiates. I do have a couple friends who got clean on methadone, but of course you have to really want it, or nothing will work.
        Im only taking about opiates/opioids.

    • Lora trueblood says:

      Sorry but I sooo disagree with u here. I never quit cold turkey and I been clean a year and 1 month now and have my life back. I did ibogaine. My brother in law used suboxone which doesn’t have a great success rate but he’s been clean 5 years also. Cold turkey has the worst success rates out of them all

  50. Cheree' says:

    Mady, I just wanted to say I found your blog today in trying to find good/bad about a clinic I am considering for Ibogaine. I hope J wants sobriety at some point for himself and for you guys (his family). I am not a drug addict so I am not sure how all that goes but I am an alcoholic and I do see through beer goggles how it has certainly hurt my family. My choice is Ibogaine for the “hope” it is the right thing. God bless you and your blog.

    • Blake says:

      Hi Cheree,
      I have experienced tremendous success from ibogaine treatment. It may not be a miracle cure but it is a miracle for opiate withdrawals and cravings as well as a catalyst for freedom from addiction from alcohol and other drugs. I did thorough research and visited a number of other ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico and ibogaine treatment centers in Costa Rica. I can offer you free advice and/or unbiased recommendations based on your individual treatment needs, preferences, time constraints, monetary contraints, etc. Its my way of giving back and helping any suffering, hopeless addict find hope and freedom. Pleaee feel free to contact me with any questions atfreeibogaineadvice@gmail.com.

      Best of luck,



    • Blake says:

      Hi Cheree,
      I have experienced success from ibogaine treatment. It may not be a miracle cure but it is a miracle for opiate withdrawals and cravings as well as a catalyst for freedom from addiction from alcohol and other drugs. I did thorough research and visited a number of other ibogaine centers abroad. I can offer you free advice and/or unbiased recommendations based on your individual treatment needs, preferences, time constraints, monetary contraints, etc. Pleaee feel free to contact me with any questions at freeibogaineadvice@gmail.com.

      Best wishes,


  51. Lora trueblood says:

    So I did ibogaine feb 24, 2014 after I had my 3rd son. And a lot of these ppl on here are providers I’ve seen them scouring ibogaine survivors clubs which I thought was for people in recovery…any who. It isn’t a miracle but it helped save me. I gave my full name so I don’t want to tell my whole story just in case someone who knows me in my personal life sees this 🙂 but I have a husband and 4 boys. I had an amazing experience. I just took my best friend to the same place I went and she had a terrible experience. The ibogaine worked but the environment I was in when I was treate had completely change and I was not made aware of any of those changes. Not only that the whole staff had changed except the dr. It was bad from beginning to end. She left two days early to stay in a hotel just to be in a calm environment. She’s been home a week now and thank god ibogaine works because she is feeling much better. I told her don’t let anyone take this opportunity from u. So just be careful where u go. Make them Skype u and walk around the facility and also get copies of their certificates everyone claims their from the best colleges and they have 3 doctors bla bla bla. Make sure u get their license numbers and make sure!!!

    • Blake says:

      I have experienced tremendous success from ibogaine treatment. It may not be a miracle cure but it is a miracle for opiate withdrawals and cravings as well as a catalyst for freedom from addiction. I did thorough research and visited a number of other ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico and ibogaine treatment centers in Costa Rica. I can offer you free advice and/or unbiased recommendations based on your individual treatment needs, preferences, time constraints, monetary contraints, etc. Its my way of giving back and helping any suffering, hopeless addict find hope and freedom. Pleaee feel free to contact me with any questions at freeibogaineadvice@gmail.com.

      Best of luck,


  52. newuser says:

    Urmmm I didn’t really read all of this or if this blog is still active but I’m 25 year old male n sadly an opiate addict for the pass 5 or 6 years I’m at the point where I take the pills to feel normal but I am about to sign up for an ibogaine treatment in mexico I’m suppose to start on April 21st n it cost about 3 or 4 grand which is all I can afford that why I’m doing it since I’m a college student but if anyone want to know about my experience I can come back to let y’all know if it works or I got scam by the center that I pick. Or if anyone has any recommendations that would be great thanks

    • newuser says:

      And BTW I found this blog while I was googling ibogaine reviews

    • madyson007 says:

      This blog is still active…

      • newuser says:

        did you ever find a concrete answer for any ibogaine center? because im also afraid of getting scam but got no choice n i was hoping this blog could help reassure me before i buy a plane ticket to san diego

      • madyson007 says:

        No. There are many people in the comments of this post who left personal stories and offered advice and phone numbers. J is doing very well on Suboxone…. At this omen tee are no longer pursuing ibogaine as an option.

  53. newuser says:

    ahh…i see yeah i didnt wanna go with the sub or the methadone route cause quitting those are ten time harder than the normal pain killer but wish you luck but if you still wanna know about ibogaine than i can post my experience day by day when i start cause the center im about to go to say it last 7 days. but best of luck to you

  54. Newuser says:

    I did ibogaine and I will tell you and honestly believe me or not that is up to you I went in for a 4 days the first day and a half they put me on oxy to taper me down the third day they did the treatment and I was in a room with complete darkness it took me almost two full days to recover and yeah I wasn’t craving any opiates at all and I stay clean for like two weeks but I think it’s the side effect cause I wouldn’t stop throwing up and had stomach pain but I relapse n took some Oxy to help. All in all this treatment does work but you will need some therapy

  55. Julian Smith says:

    There is no dispute whether Ibogaine works or not. Thousands of people would be posting their success stories online if it was a scam. This isn’t something that is under debate. Ibogaine cures heroin and drug addiction. Scientists can tell you why, but the reality is that is what it does. Ibogaine resets your brain’s addiction pathways.

    That doesn’t mean that it is for everyone. For some people God and prayer works, for some people traditional rehab works, for some people Suboxone works. The fact is that Ibogaine has the highest rate of people MAKING IT THROUGH THE WITHDRAWAL STATE. With Ibogaine you will leave the clinic with little or no withdrawals.

    This only makes it easier for someone who wants to quit. But the fact is there are many types of treatment that work and one of them is Ibogaine. Whether it is for you or not is something you will have to figure out yourself through research.

    But no one should be doubting whether Ibogaine works. Of course it works.

    • John says:

      I am sorry Ibogaine does not cure anything. It is dangerous when people like you claim ibogaine is a cure to addiction. Even the prominent Ibogaine providers and proponents say it is a good tool and is a sacrament
      You typed in your caps “making it through the withdrawal state”, That is what Ibogaine helps with. It is not a cure
      IF you are reading this. Just understand Ibogaine is not a magic cure. It can really help. It needs to be done under the care of a competent provider.
      Fuck you

  56. Ed C says:

    This documentary was featured on British national television at prime time by BBC in 2004. I facilitated this detox, way back before the new era of ibogaine where treatment centres are popping up everywhere. It was an underground service then, mostly by word of mouth. Such documentaries as this put it on the map. I first heard of it and used it in 1999. It works to a very good level, and is essentially part of the missing link for some individuals in addiction treatment and recovery. It is not for all, but for those it appeals to and who are in good enough health can be miraculous. I now provide aftercare for post ibogaine detox clients: http://www.ibogaineaftercare.org/

    The reason I do this is because recovery, including ibogaine assisted treatment is a process, a learning and readjustment journey and a path of growth to take on and learn adult responsibility and learn impulse control and self care, goal setting etc.

    As a stand alone therapy the results are NOT 70% or more. This is not true. But it is a significant improvement for many on standard tapering, and at best a powerful accelerant toward maintainable recovery. With proper relapse prevention focused aftercare, this is greatly improved.

    It is an arduous process, but if anyone has seen any detox, they will know that vomitting, soiling oneself etc are par for the course. In ibogaine treatment this follows a different path – vomitting is part of a purgative process of emotional toxin excretion – discharging of emotional material. Excretion of waste material does nt happen, and some degree of humanity is retained for the individual.


  57. Marie Lanni says:

    I just lost 3 friends to heroin and when I posted how sad I was someone commented that there was a drug that cures addiction but it is not legal in the USA. Well naturally I Google it and found this “drug” ibogaine. Now I am not an addict and do not have any close family that are addicts. I am just horrified that this epidemic is so HUGE…the 3 people I mentioned all overdosed the same day…3 different cities across the USA it really hit me how big this is. Surely there MUST be a better way. Everything I have read indicates that the FDA outlawed ibogaine due to the fact that it is a very powerful hallucinogenic that research had not been completed on and at that time they felt had the potential to be addictive. So if research had not been completed it makes sense that it would remain illegal here. Now I personally have seen many local news stories where addicts went through rehab 30, 45, 90 days and even have a friend whose addict son was in prison for 4 years. In each of those news articles the addicts came out clean and within a day or so went right back to it. I would have to look at the odds…I am not normally a risk taker but I would have to take the gamble…better to lose a few dollars than my child’s life. I say do it…what have you got to lose? Everyday they are using is like playing Russian roulette. ..are they going to die today? I pray ibogaine is the miracle you need…if no one try they won’t fail BUT they won’t succeed either. I would love to know where you are with this today.

    • Bj Long says:

      Ibogaine is a mild hallucinogenic herb. it is illegal because it works, and is dirt cheap compared to 90 days in a treatment center. Look it up on google. There has been research on it. Talk to the Dr. who pioneered the use of it in treatment. All the drugs you use today came from nature and especially plants. Being legal is not any sign of its status as a safe treatment. The FDA has tons of substances that are approved, which then ;later have been toxic or deadly. MONEY. So do the research yourself. Talk to people that have used it. Not everyone is successful in stopping because, IMHO, they just go for the quick cheap detox with Ibogaine and DID NOT do the longer, more challenging,route with AFTERCARE. Meaning either a twelve step program that actually uses the book, or an aftercare program that has a list of successful people that have stayed clean and sober. Not shills. Talk to about ten providers and see what they say. Read about the new research on Ibogaine treating parkinsons. It is so easy to just regurgitate BS for your fans. Really help them. Do the work. LOOK IT UP.

      • John says:

        Bj. Your comment contracts itself. I am sorry there are a lot of “shills” or clinics that use ibogiane.
        It sound like you are a proponent of aftercare and 12 step groups whose effectiveness can be debated also.
        My point is their is no magic cure. While money can explain why ibogaine isn’t legal but let us be real. Ibogaine is very hard on the body and mind. It isn’t without its danger. It needs to be studied further and probably does need to be available as a therapy.
        I will look up the information on Parkinson’s but will do so as a skeptic.

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