What would happen if you needed surgery? What if there was an emergency and you needed pain medication? This seems to be J’s biggest objection to taking this… He said he would consider taking Suboxone again but that drug is just way to user friendly as far as I am concerned. There is no way an addict can tell me that there is not a lot of appeal to the idea that you can stop taking Subs for a short time and use again. Then go back on it when you need to clean up and fairly pain free to boot!


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I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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10 Responses to Vivitrol…

  1. Lisa says:

    Subs are the topic of the week around here. My son is in intensive outpatient treatment and they are allowing it. They also seemed to have allowed it when he was in sober home. He lied to me about not being on it. I knew better. He said we have a right to our opinion but he ‘needs’ them. He says they keep him sober. If that’s true than why has he overdosed twice since being in doctors care and having subs available. He mentioned some obstacles to Vivitrol. I think they are excuses because he doesn’t want something he cannot stop during the month to feel opiates if he were to choose to do so. Too restricting for him. My feeling I have mentioned is if subs are used with a strong treatment program or other services or support it could work. But why did Philip Seymour Hoffman die with subs in his posession? Why do many overdose with subs in their posession? Why did my son? But in the end, as I told him two days ago, it is their recovery not ours. I don’t know how to feel about them. It has in fact worked for some. It cannot be ruled out as a potential tool to recovery. I just won’t pay for them, won’t pay for the office visits or the copays or make the appointments or cancel the appointments or hold them or count them or take them away or anything else. Have I in the past? Absolutely!!! I’m just done trying to work on his recovery. Just my two cents. Per usual 😉

  2. Tori Lee says:

    I suppose you can look on the website and print out the facts for him. I mentioned it to B a few years ago when Dawn told me about it and he was still in rehab. The Rehab asked him to get the shot and he said no he didn’t need it. Later he told me he wasn’t ready to be sober which is why he didn’t. Then out of the blue he said, “Mom, I need to get the shot.. We were shocked. He went on the subs for a couple of weeks then off everything to get the shot. It took several attempts but was well worth it.

    This has been around for a very long time but used for Alcohol. I think when Dawn told me about it is when it was finally approved for opiate abuse.

  3. Barbara says:

    Keven has finally come to the conclusion that if he doesn’t get the shock, he will probably relapse again. I am all for it. Subs can be abused, or as Keven did – sold to buy dope. They have him on Subs at the rehab but a low does and are tapering him off. I am having a very hard time finding a doctor that can perescribe it. The one in our area was kind of a ____ so Keven won’t go back there.

  4. Connie says:

    I don’t think it’s the Subs to blame if an addict abuses that just like anything else. I’ve commented before but… One of my boys uses Subs under his doctor’s care and he’s doing great – I’ve mentioned this. *For him* Subs seem to be the answer. He eats well, works out, has held a job for well over a year, takes good care of his child and is in a healthy relationship. My other son cannot use Subs – he would relapse and he knows it. I think the question is very individualized – “What will work for *this* addict?” As far as surgery … that’s a tough one no matter what you’re doing. We’ve been through that in our family. He didn’t go back to heroin, but he was hooked on the meds after surgery. I think the answer there is to – if possible – set up a strong rehab and support plan ahead of time knowing that there could be a problem and/or tough it out and don’t use the meds. I don’t know. I pray the boys never need surgery, but what’s the chance of that. So, I’m babbling here. But it’s a good topic.

  5. Helga says:

    You know what? I think it sounds like an excuse. Sorry, but if we applied the “What If” to everything that life throws at us, we might as well stay in bed every morning… My 2 cents worth.

  6. Erin says:

    The one drawback with vivitrol is the high risk of overdose if they use while on it or after going off it. I would discuss this at length with your doctor.

    Yes, suboxone can be abused but my son has been on the program for close to two years and has remained clean during this time.

    All of the medications are just a tool in their recovery.

  7. Jeff says:

    Huh? Vivitrol has a high risk for overdose while the patient is taking it? Simply not true. You’ll never take enough opiates to overdose while blocked by naltrexone – vivitrol. That is just not true and the risk is much greater not being on it. Now after the 28 days or more likely about 30-32 days the receptors are hyper sensitive to opiates. There is a real risk of overdose after naltrexone is stopped but not whole on it. Sadly many fatal overdoses happen after the tolerance to opiates has gone down.

    I sence this is much more J saying “what if I can’t handle life and want to use after I get the shot? Then I can’t.” That’s what I think is really going on. The fact of the matter is even on sub, if taking a dose of about 6 mg/day or more, opiate pain meds are not going to work much if at all. This is an issue for all sub patients. Unless you take pain med doses of at least 4 times over normal – something the great majority of docs will not prescribe. Sure it’s perhaps worse on vivitrol but if J needs emergency surgery whether on subs or naltrexone pain meds will be an issue. It is one downside to either med.

    The thing is, emergency surgery is rare. It just is. Many times you can schedule the surgery for after the blocker has stopped working. Also, there are many other non opiate drugs that work well.

    It just seems like J is not ready for sobriety. He wants to keep his foot in the door. I’m sure he’s scared too. Sobriety can. Be scary after you’ve been able to self medicate for so long. J needs to start living life on life’s terms. Until he’s allowed to hit his bottom he will likely want to keep doing what is easiest for him.

  8. Sidda says:

    Jeff, please see the paragraph below taken from the vivitrol website. None of us here are doctors these are all our opinions and I would advise anyone to seek a doctor’s advice when using any of these medications.

    Using opioids, even in amounts that you used before VIVITROL treatment, can lead to accidental overdose, serious injury, coma, or death. To avoid accidental overdose:

    Do not take large amounts of opioids or try to overcome the opioid-blocking effects of VIVITROL.
    Do not use opioids in amounts that you used before VIVITROL treatment. You may even be more sensitive to lower amounts of opioids:
    After detox
    When your next VIVITROL dose is due.
    If you miss a dose of VIVITROL.
    After you stop VIVITROL treatment.

    You really have great comments regarding addiction and what you went through but the information you put about vivitrol is not true, you can check with any doctor.

  9. Jeff says:

    They are saying the same thing I am – although not very clearly. Someone here just said that the risk of overdose is higher while taking vivitrol and that is just simply not true – it just is not. The risk of overdose is higher when not raking vivotrol or after it has warn off. Otherwise why on earth put people on it? Think about that. If going on vivitrol increases the chance of overdose why would it even be an approved treatment! Right? So the risk of overdose while on vivotrol is much lower than while not on it.

    That said, after being on it for a month or months, opiate receptors are hypersensitive and tolerance is as low as it can be – that’s when the risk goes way up. Second to that, there is a theoretical risk of taking too much opiate to try to overcome the block, having it wear off and again causing the overdose. That could happen especially with the pill form that has to be taken daily.

    But other than these two the risk of overdose is far less while on it than when not. That is just a fact and any doc that disagrees has no clue what they are talking about. Again as it states in what you posted above – the risk is after vivotrol treatment and NOT during. Don’t confuse these two. I will give you this, the way it’s written is misleading and confusing. However J or anyone else has far, far greater chance of overdose if NOT on naltrexone than while on it – but stop taking it and the risk is higher than it was when it was started.

    Hope that makes better sense.

  10. Terri Hine says:

    My husband was on Vivitrol for several months for alcohol. Heard the same excuses before he decided he was at his rock bottom. His counselor told him he was on the path to death, which would he prefer, death or Vivtrol? Now I don’t know if that was true, but I do know after 5-6 yrs of trying everything else, he just celebrated his 6th yr of sobriety. But as “they” say, you gotta wanna, for it to be successful, whether it be rehab, subs, mtgs, etc.

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