You are not going to believe this…

My husband wrote a letter to the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and he called back! It is just someone from his office but he wants to talk with us??? If you don’t know Chris Christy he is a BIG proponent of getting treatment for those struggling with addiction. At one point there was talk of making non-violent drug charges not a felony and offering help instead of incarceration. If I were to guess, some where in Chris Christie’s life he has been touched by addiction. Maybe a favorite uncle or cousin or friend, I don’t know but somewhere he has gained an understanding of what living with addiction is like and he has empathy for the addict and the families too.

He is suppose to call us back tomorrow. I will let you know what happens. All we really want is to get J into long term in-patient rehab. He will need to face the music at one point with the charges from his current arrest, but we are all out of money and ideas.


About madyson007

I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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13 Responses to You are not going to believe this…

  1. Ron Grover says:

    Sometimes you do whatever you think it takes. Desperation is sometimes a great innovator.

    No one knows if what hubby did is right or wrong. My crystal ball is a bit foggy. But if it helps hubby then I say it is OK. Let’s hope that J understands the work and sacrifice his father is making. (don’t hold your breath)

    I am hoping for the best for you all.

    Believe it or not I had one of those husband/father moments in our journey too. You can read it here: The long term ending wasn’t that good, Alex made it through detox, went to the rehab center got kicked out of their for relapsing and went to jail.

    But, I say try whatever you must to survive. Remember hubby is walking the same hard path as you. We all just process it differently.

  2. Suzie Simon says:

    oh Mom, you have been in my prayers for so long, Governor Christy is really trying to help, there is a lot more to addiction than the actions of compulsion by the addict. There is a new look at addiction today, it is a mental issue and I pray so hard for you and your family to get help. hang in there brave woman!!

  3. Summer says:

    I hope Governor Christie can help you…you sound so hopeful. By the way, Tori was telling me about a program called Teen Challenge not too long ago. I think they go up to age 35, it’s a long term inpatient program from what I understand and they have locations all over the country. Here’s the link: Maybe this would be an option if the court approved it.

    Praying for you and your family everyday.

  4. Liz says:

    Good luck with Governor Christie…. keep us posted!

  5. Annette says:

    You know, in the beginning, as in the first 6 or so years, there were many times where my husband and I were not on the same page too. I thought he was an idiot, favoring her over the other kids, catering to her, he paid for things I didn’t agree paying for, he often pushed for things I wasn’t in agreement with, but I would give in because he’s my husband. I love the guy. We have all of this history together. Our whole adult lives have been spent together. It wasn’t until recently, the past 4 years or so, that I began to have some compassion on the guy….he was desperate, as was I, to save our daughter. He was going about it all wrong if you asked me LOL but our goals were the same. He was so afraid she was going to die. That understanding and that compassion began to give me some room for him to make well intentioned but misguided, imo at least, decisions without creating awfulness between us. I could understand acts of desperation.

    Your husband making himself vulnerable, laying his family story out there for public consumption, shouting out an SOS to the powers that be in his world, is an act of desperation and I find it quite endearing. He is doing the best he can think of to save his son. Who can blame him? Not a one of us here.

    Keep us posted Love. I am praying and I hope you find some real help for your boy.

  6. Wow – Cool. I’m familiar w/ Governor Christie and his work in NJ. It’s good to see a response at least coming from a political office on this topic!

  7. MammaP says:

    See there is hope ! Yesterday I did the same for my son..Like you..out of money & options..Like your family..I got a call..actually a few calls, as I wrote many many e-mails..and made many many phone calls..Like the mad woman I am, all day..It paid off..We will see if it leads to anything in terms of treatment for my son..But it Gives me hope..Him hope..Keeping my fingers crossed for your family and mine!!

  8. Tori Lee says:

    I agree with everything Annette said so can you read that again and pretend I wrote it? I think that what your Husband says/does is out of the same desperation we all have we just all handle it differently.

    I don’t know if Governor Christie has been involved with drug addiction in his family or just an incredibly compassionate person and maybe both but he is an addict also. He has been ridiculed, mocked and told he can not do his job properly because he is addicted to food. Obviously it is different in many ways but it certainly has held him back from his potential. He has heard the same things our addicts are told, “What is the problem why can’t you just quit?” If it were only that easy. I am sure he has felt worthless and humiliated on many occasions. There is very little sympathy for someone that large in this World.

    That is just my opinion but I am so glad he wants to talk to you. Good for your Husband for contacting him. I have always felt bad for Governor Christie because of the BS he was constantly going through. Please keep us posted!

  9. Syd says:

    I’m hoping that this works for him and there will be help that your son gets.

  10. Oh Madyson! I haven’t had a chance to read your blog for several days until just now. I’m so sorry you are going through this! You know I’m in YOUR court on the “don’t bail him out” thing. I have never and will never bail him out – so far its been 2 stints in prison. I tell him, “Why would I bail you out? When you are in prison you are clean, you are eating properly, you exercise and you take care of yourself. WHYYYYYYYY would I bail you out??” Unfortunately, the minute he gets out he turns into the biggest idiot EVER once again (read my post from today at my blog).

    Much good luck with the Governor. I do agree, they NEED treatment – not incarceration. But since I choose not to spend my life savings on treatment, he has gotten incarceration twice so far.

    Down on my knees for all of our kids!

  11. Anna says:

    Straight and Narrow is a free long term addiction program in Paramus, NJ for people who live in NJ. It may take a month or two to get in but a court order could make it quicker. I do not know how good it is just that it exists.

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