My husband…

always talks about how when we retire he is going to build us a custom house with everything just the way we want it…isn’t that exciting? My response is always: “If you value this marriage, we will find a house that is already built and comes close to meeting our requirements.”

I should be happy about the new french doors? I should be in 7th heaven with the new sunroom right? Umm…that would a big fat NO! We have no money for this project. My husbands evasive response: “I am doing all the work myself. This is going to add a ton of value to our house!”

Apparently he must be sleeping with someone at the lumber yard, Anderson Windows and Lowes, because all 12 of those windows, the french doors, molding, dry wall and assorted hardware, paint and tools were free? I can not imagine what he is going to have to do for the new hardwood floors.

My parents are coming to visit on Monday. Right now I have sliding glass doors in pieces leaning against the wall in my kitchen and a big open space with bits of insulation and splinters sticking out where the French Doors should be but don’t fit. On my center island on top of my granite counter top is newspaper and a collection of decorative molding covered in wet paint.

He just asked me what’s for dinner…I hacked up a fur ball coughing so hard.

My husband is a control freak and has to have his hand in even the tiniest decorating decision. We can not agree on what finish the handles should be on the french doors. Can you imagine us duking it out….over colors, flooring, hardware, lighting or countertops in our new house? We would be divorced before the blue prints were finalized.

About madyson007

I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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6 Responses to My husband…

  1. Ron Grover says:

    Just use my method. I let Darlene pick all the stuff and colors then after a year or so I casually mention that it looks like crap. Then I am allowed to change it any way I want.

  2. Retire – what a goal to reach. I just got a full time job to make up for the 7/8 times my son has been in rehab. Totally tapped out.

  3. Melinda says:

    sounds extremely stressful. YIKES!!

  4. Tori Lee says:

    WOW! After reading that I feel so lucky that my Husband doesn’t give a crap about our home even though it drives me nuts constantly picking up after him. When we did our addition the only fighting we had was the cost and his refusal to make a bedroom larger which would have been very inexpensive. Now we are about to have to make room for my Mom and guess what? That tiny bedroom now has to be enlarged. Yes I have mentioned to him a couple of times that had he just let me do it to begin with it would have saved us thousands. I am hiring the Contractor and doing everything. When I ask him something his response is, “Why would I care what you do.” Trust me I feel super, super lucky right now. I am nervous about the money…my Mom has a little and that has to cover everything for her. Having an addict for a child often takes everything financially from you…I learned the hard way. Retirement is something we don’t even think about…..we are many, many years away from moving away from LA which was our goal. Well good luck my friend.

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