Is it wrong…

that I want him to get a job? Or should I just let him immerse himself in recovery for awhile? Meetings and Out Patient Rehab take up his nights but not a lot is going on during the day. I think he should get a job ASAP but I am hesitant to put to much pressure on him.

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I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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10 Responses to Is it wrong…

  1. Annette says:

    Routine is good. And while jobs can be hard to come by these days, we are presenting the idea that she will need to find a job, get a volunteer position, or take a class. Something. Its not about the money, although at this point, that would be extremely helpful too….its about building a life and having a routine. At least this is what I think….but what the hell do I know? I don’t know what we are doing most days!

  2. Tori Lee says:

    When B got out of jail the Judge to us and him that his job was to put all of his energy in to his recovery for the first 90 days. Then he started taking classes so we didn’t push him to get a job until he was failing his classes and getting ready to graduate drug court. But I don’t think that is why he relapsed he relapsed while being employed. I wish my son would have volunteered at a shelter…he loves animals and they always need help. He didn’t have a car the entire time he was in drug court and our bus system is horrible. I don’t know…that is what I just should have replied. I don’t know! 🙂

  3. Summer says:

    I agree with Tori and Annette, lol. I think routine and structure are so important to recovery. Is there a counselor who could talk to him about that? Maybe the idea would be best coming from an outside source? Just a thought.

  4. Helga says:

    Work, work, work! There is nothing like it to keep them occupied and have him start contributing to the household! Many of our addict children have not grasp the concept ( including mine) that you have to work to keep everything going….

  5. Aunt of an addict says:

    Would a part-time job, not something with a great deal of demands but yet satisfying — the animal shelter listed above is exactly what came to my mind, too — help rebuild a sense of self-worth and therefore have merit? Thank you for this safe place to have these discussions; the sharing of thoughts and ideas is very helpful! Bless you!

  6. Erin says:

    My son did one month in-patient and six months outpatient, going four days a week. He still worked a part time job about 25 hours per week. Once out-patient was over he started full time. It is and was part of my son’s probation to work full time.

  7. Helga says:

    A full time job is usually part of probation around here too.

  8. melinda says:

    If he is WORKING his program HE will know if he should get a job. You said he has a sponsor, he is attending meetings, and hopefully he has the belief in a higher power. He will get guidance and direction from he people who can help him. Turn him over, momma. Let Go and Let God help direct your sons path.

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