Be scared J…1/25/13

We have done the good old ridiculous contract. What parent of an addict has not given this a whirl? I have decided I am going to be ok with this. If J failing a drug test is what my husband needs to kick him out…then I am all for it.  Gee…don’t I just sound so hopeful and full of faith?

I really wish I could feel those things, but I just can’t.  I will have no remorse if I have to put our plan into action. The contract has all the usual stuff.

  • You will submit to a drug test on demand (I have purchased drug tests in bulk…testing will be often)
  • If you alter drug test…I will assume you are positive
  • If you fail to urinate on demand…I will assume you are positive.
  • You will pay $___________per week to live here
  • You will do chores each day these could include, laundry, dishes, yard work etc…without questions.
  • If you raise your voice or swear at your parents you will pay $5.00 for each event (I figure this should be good for pocket money and maybe he will learn to sensor himself, if he doesn’t it is going to cost him a bundle)
  • You will call or text if you do not plan to be home at night
  • You will maintain a job with at least 5 full work days
  • You will pay your own debt
  • You will pay for doctor visits and prescriptions
  • You will need to have your own car insurance
  • When your phone plan expires we will no longer pay for your service

Here’s my favorite part:

When or if you fail any of the above RULES you will need to be out of the house the next calendar day. All though I have great hope that this may work for all involved. I also have serious doubts. I highly recommend that YOU have a plan of action in place if you fail to meet the above terms. I want you to experience what it means to survive in the real world. I will have no remorse in following through with OUR plan of action. Even if that means you are homeless…

Action that will be taken: You can call someone to come and pick you up or I will drive you to ******** NJ and leave you at the ********  Mission here’s the link:  http://www.*********org/  They will provide you with a meal and counseling. They also offer shelter but you must call before hand to make sure a bed is available (973) %%%-0431. If no bed is available I think you can go to the nearest hospital or police station and they must supply temporary shelter if it is below 32 degree’s out.

<sigh> What are the odds this will have a happy ending? It’s a rhetorical question incase you are wondering.


About madyson007

I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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5 Responses to Be scared J…1/25/13

  1. Dawn says:

    Your husband signed it? Good.

  2. Tori Lee says:

    We have the contract too. We just did it after he relapsed. Ours is mainly drug testing, a curfew and he can’t drive more than 30 miles without our prior consent and he has counseling. I hope it works for you and for us.

  3. Sidda says:

    Just remember with the drug test that heroin is in and out pretty quickly. You can shoot heroin on a Friday and test negative 24-48 hours later. I found that for myself that drug testing was my way of trying to control and uncontrollable situation, but that is just how I felt every situation is different and we all need to do what we are comfortable with. Tried the contract that didn’t work either, another way I thought I could control his disease. I always go back to I didn’t cause it, can’t cure it and can’t control it. Please don’t take this as a criticism I am just sharing my experience and yes of course I still struggle with control.

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