My husband has discovered my blog…

I can not speak freely any longer. He had a few choice words for me and some really terrific ones for all of you. He thinks you are all “know it all’s” and he knows better. He also thinks it is kind of pathetic I spew our lives and problems on a blog. I am not really sure where to go from here… if these are my words screaming out loud. How am I going to stuff them back inside?


About madyson007

I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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14 Responses to My husband has discovered my blog…

  1. Tori Lee says:

    I wish I did know it all! My Husband knows about my blog and I think he has read it few times and maybe he doesn’t mind since he and I handle things so differently when things were really bad I didn’t go cry to him I just went and wrote. Since I don’t know you or your husband my first thought is maybe he is more upset thinking you were hiding it from him? Maybe he feels betrayed? Or maybe he is just a jerk. You have to have your blog.

  2. Annette says:

    Wellllll is your name really Madyson? If not than this is an anonymous blog. Unfortunately mine really is Annette and my husband is a very private person, so I don’t talk about him. I also don’t talk about H too much anymore other than a quick general update. I try to keep the focus on me. I feel that I have the right to share anything I want about myself. I have permission from some other family members who don’t care if I talk about them….so I do! lol You will figure out how to move forward on this…. in whatever way fits you and your family the best. ((HUG))

  3. Annette says:

    Tori….I just read your comment. LOL

  4. Lisa says:

    Please let him know I’m clueless but have learned so much from others. Also let him know it’s been a lifesaver for my husband and I to realize we are not alone. I talk often about ‘well my friend from ‘my’ blogs’. It’s just become part of me and my life. I’m sure his initial shock will wear off! 😉

  5. Ron Grover says:

    Maybe I ought to keep my mouth shut, but………. well you all know me. LOL

    Everyone knows about my blog. All of my family, all of the people at my work, all of our friends, most of our community and I’m a pretty well known person in our community, links to my blog have been published locally in our newspaper, shown on TV news, and linked on blogs worldwide. Truth be told NOT hiding was the best thing for me, my family and our son.

    I don’t know people that look down on us because we opened our life up about this terrible disease/monster. All I have ever felt is love and help from my family, friends and most of all you fellow bloggers living in this nightmare.

    In fact this blog has been my savior. This has been my meeting, my therapist, my confidant, and most importantly they only way I found to process what was happening in our lives.

    Thinking about it, if Darlene (yes these are really our names) had privately written a blog about our lives going through this I might have had some anger. It would seem like a betrayal. I’d wonder why she needed this and would let me be a part of it? What is she getting from this? Who are these people commenting? What do they know?

    Hate to be the only “male” perspective but maybe I understand some of your husbands concerns and anger. That’s something between you two but I just say this, if this helps you then give your husband time and let him discover your blog is a good thing for you and if he loves you and your son then he will learn that any help benefits the whole family, including him and your son.

  6. Dawn M McCoy says:

    Or go private like I did lol.

  7. Connie says:

    1) You have a right to your honest voice. 2) You have helped me and others by telling your story from your perspective because we know we’re not alone. 3) Oh my I am very aware of my imperfections and the many things I don’t know. 4) You and your husband and family are always in my prayers. I hope he can come to see that you might need a private space to work through your thoughts and feelings. Maybe, in the long run, this will lead to something good?

  8. Sheila says:

    I found that my now-ex-husband and I were on totally different pages regarding L and her issues. I repeatedly reached out to him in hopes of getting emotional support, validation of my feelings, agreement on discipline plans, etc. He was unable or unwilling to do that. My choice was either to turn to other people for the support I needed (many of them on the internet) or else have a mental and physical breakdown. Obviously, our marriage had some issues before L’s problems came to light but we chose to deny them. We should have sought counseling years earlier.

    Perhaps you and your husband can look at this as a wake-up call? Perhaps he can become aware that you need him to be solidly on your side if you marriage is to be strong?

    Peace to you both,

  9. not sure what to say, when my blog got found out from a family member, at first she was supportive then very hateful and vindictive, i stopped blogging for like a year and it hurt not to have this very special outlet. i don’t know it was like i knew it was online and people read this. i didn’t think it was private, but before, i had a freedom when i wrote, today not feeling it so much.

    i know what you mean about not being able to be open on this blog, and personally i feel you have done a wonderful job in keeping anonymity, my husband loved that i blogged, but dealing with a recovering addict and a borderline personality my outlets helped our relationship so much.

    but when something like this happens, it feels like you can’t speak any more. like this is a bad thing and no matter what you say it will be bad for others who don’t want you to do it.i know that feeling all too well.

    this is just my humble thought, pray about it, ask yourself if it helps you more than hurts you. do you enjoy they people in this community? inventory your part of this situation and then make the decision. either way, i think you are a beautiful soul who deserves support from your husband, not suppression. i think he may just be a little scared at looking at the reality of what you guys are going through as a family and that is why he lashed out. i don’t think you did anything wrong, i really don’t think he feels that way either. prayers and love for you and your family

  10. Momma says:

    I sure don’t feel like a know it all, i only know what happened to me. My husband knows I blog, I told him it was anonymous, but he really didn’t get into it ev en though I sent him links to some of yours and told him some of your stories… He listened and we talked about it, but just doesn’t seek it out. I think he understands why I do it, for me. Having said that I can understand the gut reaction to keep this private and not wanting to discuss it with ANYONE. Hopefully your husband will get past that and reach out.

  11. Beeachteacher says:

    My husband knows about my blog very much,…& knows a lot about so many of you that have become so important to me & being able to cope with this whole journey of ours. It’s funny to me that he never reads my blog,…I don’t think he’s read it even once. And you know how men are,…I must say that he very likely appreciates that any “talking” I can get out on the blogs that would otherwise be doing to him. LOL

    But really,…your blog is one I always read & it’s so honest & real. You help me & I appreciate your thoughts & writing. I hope you two will come to a peace about this & you’ll keep writing.

  12. Joy says:

    I hope you continue to write anyway. For the past nine months your words encouraged, informed and enlightened me. Tell your husband that I needed your words. Tell him my son lost his battle with addiction on the 13th and if I hadn’t learned so much from yours and other parents and blogs I most likely would be insane right now. Still praying for all the other kids and parents. I hope your children find sobriety.

    Much love even in grief,


    • madyson007 says:

      I am so sorry about your son Joy. I am honored that you can continue to find any comfort in my blog. You are in my prayers. I have played that scenario in my head many times and I can only imagine the grief you must be experiencing. Much love and healing vibes going your way.

    • Annette says:

      Joy, have you commented over at my blog before? Journey of recovery? You have the tree in your little picture……Joy, I am so sorry! My God. I am so sorry. Please email me if you feel like it. I would love to talk to you more. Know that I am praying for you. (((HUG)) and if we were in real life I would be hugging you so tight right now.

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