I am deeply offended…

there is outrage in New Jersey over Governor Christie’s decision to fly flags at half staff on government buildings in honor of Whitney Houston. I honestly cried when I heard Whitney Houston died and I like everyone else assumed that her death was related to her long struggle with addiction. How can anyone look at this tragedy and believe that Whitney Houston is some how less deserving of our sympathy and respect. If you read the article below you will see there is a poll attached. If you vote in the poll you will see the results.

Chris Christie criticized for Whitney Houston flag plan

By Ann Oldenburg, USA TODAY
Updated 13m ago

By Mel Evans, AP

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is under fire for his decision to fly flags on state government buildings at half-staff Saturday when Whitney Houston’s funeral takes place in Newark.

By Matt Sayles, AP

Critics on Twitter and in blogs argue that the flag tradition should be reserved for members of the military and that it’s wrong to honor a drug addict.

The governor said Wednesday that he rejects complaints that Houston “forfeited the good things that she did” because of her struggles with substance abuse, reports AP.

“What I would say to everybody is there but for the grace of God go I,” he said.

Bill O’Reilly, who has been outspoken about Houston’s death, said this morning on Today that he feels it’s right to lower the flags.

“Yes, I think we should respect the life and talent of Whitney Houston. I said a prayer when I heard she died. This isn’t a personal thing. This is a preventive thing. I want society and media to tell the truth about drug and alcohol addiction,” he explained. “Let’s stop exploiting it and start explaining it.”

I cried all over again. Whitney is someones mother, someones sister, someones lover how does her addiction forfeit all the good that she did? I am not just talking about the joy her music brought to people around the world…her charitable contributions were generous.

As her music career soared, so did her efforts to aid the less fortunate. She was dedicated to helping children, and in 1989 created the Whitney Houston Foundation for Children, a non-profit that helped kids with cancer and AIDS, and also taught self-empowerment. According to a profile of the singer by Oprah Winfreythe Foundation was very successful throughout the 90s: “In June 1995, the foundation was awarded a VH1 Honor for its charitable work. Funds have been raised for numerous causes involving children around the world, from South Africa to Newark.”

Houston didn’t limit her charity to her own foundation; she was very active with other non-profits as well. She worked with the United Negro College Fund, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, and more. Her performance of the “Star-Spangled Banner” became a bona fide chart-topper in 1991, and she donated her royalties to the Red Cross. And according to Look To The Stars, in 1997, “the HBO Concert ‘Classic Whitney live from Washington DC’ raised over $300,000 for the Children’s Defense Fund.”


Addicts are not disposable…they are human beings and should be treated that way.

One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody.
Mother Teresa



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I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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6 Responses to I am deeply offended…

  1. tori says:

    I too am VERY OFFENDED. I have seen so many comments on Facebook once again treating this tragedy as, “Oh well, another junkie gone” it is disgusting and shame on them.

    For every recovering addict who has endlessly devoted their time, money and compassion to active addicts and have become productive citizens and for all the families that have suffered through addiction it is a slap in the face to all of them.

    By the way, I loved your title if you know what I mean! 🙂

  2. Annette says:

    While I certainly feel awful about Whitney, I do not agree that flags should be flown at mast for her. That is reserved for those who have served in the military or government officials. I do love that the governors compassionate view point… ” There but for the grace of god go I.” also using whitneys death to bring awareness. Those are good things. The thing I struggle with is that Whitney had all the help in the world available to her. Part of me feels like she chose to not give her self over to the process of recovery. She had every advantage. It also makes me think about the hold addiction can have on some people. She did have every advantage and she still didn’t make it. It’s just all so sad.

  3. madyson007 says:

    I really really don’t mean this to sound condescending but do you really think she was to lazy or superior or crazy or entitled or unaware 0r_____________<—-Insert any other word here.

    Here is a woman who had everything available to her and ultimately could not overcome her addiction. That is tragic, I no longer believe it is a lack of effort on the addicts part. It just has to be more than that. Why would anyone choose a life of misery and humiliation in the public eye…if they could un choose it?

    I guess I didn't realize that flags are only flown for military and government officials? Is that the standard?

    • Annette says:

      I don’t know the answer. I guess I wish it was a matter of choice. Then it would seem more hopeful to me. But to think that some addicts will just never make, they have no other options, no choice in the matter is so hopeless. Why do some get better and some don’t? I don’t know. The facts are that she had all the help in the world available to but she didnt get better. The facts are that some addicts with far less available to them do get better. What’s the difference? What is the one thing that tips the scales one way or the other? I don’t know the answers. Sadly.

  4. Beeachteacher says:

    I agree with Christie’s compassion, of course. Although I don’t really agree with the flag flying half mast for her, as it isn’t the protocol to do that, even though the governor does have the legal right to do so. And I say that as a huge Whitney fan.
    This whole thing has set me off recently,…on the common judgment of addicts by those who really don’t get it. It’s so harsh & feels so hurtful to me, even though I know it’s just ignorance. “There but for the grace of God go I” indeed.

    But oh geeze,…a Bill O’Reilly fan I am not ! I had the Today show on this morning for a few min.s before leaving for work, & heard him say that Whitney WANTED to be self destructive,…how she chose it,…etc.,….& yes, addiction’s a disease but there’s no way addicts can’t just choose to stop. I was so mad that I was talking aloud & cursing at him on tv. Not effective,…but helped me feel better. I’d love him to have heard my son crying on the phone the other night, about how he feels about himself,…how he HATES getting high while at the same time couldn’t stop getting high. I’d like to see Bill explain that one.

    God,…what I’d give for the understanding of addiction to be common knowledge,…for the addicts & the rest of us. RIP Whitney. You were amazing.

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