This popped up on facebook…

Florida is the first State that will require drug testing when applying for welfare (effective July 1st)! Some people are crying this is unconstitutional. How is this unconstitutional? It’s OK to drug test the people who work for their money but not those who don’t?

Any thoughts on this? I am astounded because once again addiction is not being treated like a disease. Addiction is a choice so let’s make sure we punish addicts because they don’t deserve our help or compassion. How about not allowing people with Breast Cancer to apply for welfare…that ought to go over well.

<PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT> The last two sentences are highly seasoned with a healthy dose of sarcasm.  You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


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I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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14 Responses to This popped up on facebook…

  1. onemomtalking says:

    I have no answer for this. Everything seems unfair. Ugh.

  2. Annette says:

    You know when I read this, I liked the idea. I felt like it was just another obstacle, another consequence that could potentially get into my daughter’s way and impede her drug use….if she ever resorts to being on welfare.

    I thought I heard that it ended up not being true though.

    • madyson007 says:

      I hope it is not true. I don’t know. People in active addiction will just opt not to eat at all or just live in the street. I don’t see it as a deterrent at all. Just another way for them to kill themselves slowly.

  3. Dee Dawson says:

    Depends on how the information will be used. Will a dirty test result in disallowing funds? Will this dirty test follow them everywhere? Or will the dirty test be a signal to add treatment/support with state funds?

    I also have mixed feelings on the subject…

  4. notmyboy says:

    We don’t want parents and other family members to give them money, but it is okay for the general public to give them money? I say no. I am the one footing the bill. If I won’t do it for my drug addict, I certainly don’t want to do it for yours. I am for drug testing. Right now it is too darn easy to use and get away with it.

  5. madyson007 says:

    Saying ok you tested positive here is what we offer in support for rehabilitation is one thing. Saying you are an addict so you don’t deserve compassion and assistance is another. This is another way to throw away a population that needs our help. Giving someone shelter and food is a basic need that all humans deserve even an addict.

  6. beachteacher says:

    I too have mixed feelings on this. As a parent of an addict…I really can see both sides of it.

  7. Jeff says:

    While having the disease of drug addiction may very well not be a choice, treating it most certainly is. I didn’t chose to be a drug addict but I did chose to seek treatment and continue staying sober. You know darn well where that welfare check is going – and it most certainly is not for food. That is just simply how active addiction works – c’mon after all of this, you know that! I applaud Florida for taking this step – especially since Florida leads the United States in pill mills and putting drugs on the street. If this leads to more people hitting bottem and getting help, I’m all for it.

  8. madyson007 says:

    I just see it as a way to punish and speed up death in some cases. They are not saying, you test positive here is where you need to go to get help so you qualify for assistance. They are saying you tested positive…Sucks to be you. Request for assistance denied!

  9. Tori Lee says:

    I am really torn on this. You say all addicts deserve food and shelter – I was told get him out of my house so he has no food and shelter and then he will get help. Well in my case it didn’t help. They say we shouldn’t enable by giving them money,food, etc. but that is what welfare is. My son told me a few months ago that everyone he knows that is on welfare trades it for drugs…sells their card for 1/2 of what is on there. I do not think that we can deny giving them welfare until the people behind this can have solid options for the addicts. I will say though, if my son wasn’t an addict and I didn’t learn about addiction, I would be all for it thinking that it would HELP them not hurt them.

  10. madyson007 says:

    I guess I see all of your points of view but to not have compassion for those in need goes against my heart. I guess I was expecting to hear a plan that included help for the real issue. If they are addicts and have a disease would it not be smarter to get them help so they would qualify for assistance? Here you would have an addict population forced to try and help themselves.Would it not be kinder to offer That help before saying “Sucks to be you…”?

  11. Jeff says:

    I swear, sometimes I just want to grab people by the shoulders, shake them, and ask “what in the hell are you thinking?” That thought and those feelings completely consume me when I read something like:

    “My son told me a few months ago that everyone he knows that is on welfare trades it for drugs…sells their card for 1/2 of what is on there. I do not think that we can deny giving them welfare until the people behind this can have solid options for the addicts.”

    So, let me get this straight… your son tells you first hand that EVERYONE he knows trades their welfare cards for drugs. Do you not believe your son? I’m guessing that you actually do think he is telling the truth when he says that everyone he knows DOES NOT BUY FOOD with their welfare but instead buys drugs. Imagine my rage then when your next sentence says “I do not think that we can deny giving them welfare…” What part of this are you not getting? Honestly, which part of this don’t you understand? They are not buying food with the Welfare. You have been told this, yet you want to still keep giving them the money – so you can feel better and pretend the money is going for food? Really? That is crazy! If not, help me understand your thought process here. Help me understand what I am missing. You know the money doesn’t go for food as intended – it goes for drugs – yet you want to keep giving it to them? What possible sense can this make?

    It’s shit like this that really makes me wonder who really is on drugs here! Wow, amazing. SIMPLY AMAZING!

  12. notmyboy says:

    I agree completely with Jeff. Think, people!!!! Giving them welfare is tantamount to giving them a loaded gun. Would you advocate that? Unlikely. Welfare is CASH! We should all agree that you do NOT give an addict cash. PERIOD! As long as we keep making it easy for people to kill themselves with drugs, they will continue to die in record numbers.

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