A perfect storm brewing…

I am not sure I actually mentioned this but J stopped taking the pill form of Vivitrol many months ago. I had some major anxiety about it but new in my heart that if he really wanted to use…he would. There is not a pill or shot or implant that is going to keep an addict away from his drug of choice if he wants it bad enough. I just prayed that he wanted sobriety more.

I am very happy to say J seemed to do absolutely fine after stopping Vivitrol. I never saw any side effects and he said he never felt any either. I think this drug was an excellent head start for him and helped him on his way. The bigger truth is, he was ready. Things were bad…really bad. A perfect storm really…with bad things brewing. His girlfriend had left him and not just broken up with him but up and moved to a different state to get away from him. I believe one other important element happened. J realized that ANY drug use would lead him back to hell. I don’t think he thought that before. He thought he was smarter than us all…he could use just a little no one would be the wiser and no harm done. That illusion was shattered after his “good” friends left him off in the parking lot of a hospital and he ended up committed into an involuntary psych ward.

I guess it was his time. I pray fiercely that he realize one little slip and all could be lost. AGAIN.

About madyson007

I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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3 Responses to A perfect storm brewing…

  1. Lou says:

    One of many things I have learned: don’t look for trouble (it will come soon enough!). I’m sure your son senses your hyper vigilance. Try to relax and let him work his own life out. Of course, I know that is much easier said than done. I also worry if I leave my son alone, he will totally screw up!!

    PS re: your question about spiritual recovery. Here is an article you might find interesting. The whole site has good info.


  2. tinhih says:

    Excellent advice. Sometimes the very best we can do for our addicted child is to just let it happen. Worry, vent, worry some more. But stop acting on his issues and focus on yourself. It is like being in an airplane that loses pressure. It is great to give your baby the oxygen, but how can you help him when you can not breathe? Stay strong!

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