Kindergarten memories…

I am not sure I have ever shared this on my blog but I am a music and movement/dance teacher at a private school. My favorite age…kindergarten!

I don’t remember much about Kindergarten. I was 4 years old when I started, because of my fall birthday. I do remember a couple of different incidents. One of the first memories I have is about a bus ride. Each Kindergartener had a bus number pinned to their coat. I had been at school for a couple of weeks and knew which bus I was on but I was an extremely obedient child. A lady looked at my tag and sent me on the wrong bus. I knew she was wrong and I new this was not my bus but I meekly got on and did not say a word. As the children were exiting at their stops, it finally occurred to me that I was going to have to get off somewhere. When I was the last child left, the bus driver asked me where I lived but I didn’t know my address. I was pretty calm about the whole thing and tried to get the driver to follow my directions home but he wouldn’t make the damn right hand turn at the corner. I was a control freak even as a four-year old…go figure?

The only other clear memory I have is about a play we did. I can remember it was circus themed and there was a ring leader, ballerina tight-rope walkers, clowns, dancing bears, jugglers and elephants. I was so excited! I would want to be any of those characters except an elephant of course. Elephants are big and fat, move slow and worst of all they are GREY. I waited eagerly to hear what I was going to be. I just knew I would make a beautiful ballerina tight rope walker, in a pale pink tutu but a cute cuddly dancing bear could be fun too. Guess what my teacher said when she got to me? You are going to be an elephant! I almost cried but I sucked up and pretended it was ok. My friends looked at me with pity but I would not let my disappointment show. Then another elephant girl broke into hysterical tears and when asked what was wrong she said “I don’t want to be a big fat elephant”. The teacher calmed her down and walked her over to join the beautiful ballerinas. Epiphany! I would just tell my teacher that I did NOT want to be an elephant and she would fix it! It was going to be ok! “Umm…Excuse me Mrs. Finkel, I do not want to be an elephant either, said in my absolute sweetest voice” (I was tempted to tell her I did not look good in grey and would make a very beautiful pink ballerina but restrained my four-year old self). Her response in a loud voice: “OOHH NOOO…we are not going there” as she physically grabbed my arm and dragged me back to the dreaded grey elephants.” I will never forget the unfairness of it because I would not cry hysterically in front of my peers I was going to have to be a BIG OLD FAT ELEPHANT. I hate that teacher to this day. This story might sound trite to most, but I swear if I could find her I would write to tell her how she  broke a little girls heart and embarrassed her beyond belief. I do a play every year with my kindergarten class and I go out of my way to make every character feel special and make sure the child is comfortable playing the part.

Please share an early childhood memory on your blog or in the comments!

<EDITED> to add the second story which came to me in such clarity…I could feel the exact feelings I felt as a four year old.


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I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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8 Responses to Kindergarten memories…

  1. Connie says:

    Thanks for this! Wow, I was very obedient too, when I was little. My grandmother tells a story about one Thanksgiving, when I was about four. I had misbehaved somehow (probably interrupted an adult conversation – something mild like that) and my mom told me to go sit in the corner. The afternoon went on and the adults forgot all about the offense and the punishment. But at some point someone asked where I was. Lo and behold, I was still sitting the corner. “Why are you still there?” they asked. “No one ever told me I was free to go,” I answered. Hm. A little too obedient, I’d say.

  2. Momma says:

    This reminded me of our “zoo” in kindergarten. I was a seal. I don’t remember how, but I made a seal costume out of paper bags, colored it black with crayon.

    How timely is this post about being an obedient child, which I mostly was 99% of the time. I was just telling a friend about this one time where I was NOT. I was (still am) very much afraid of worms and snakes and anything slimy. My dad took us fishing when we were pretty small. Generally I was very much intimidated by my father, but he did put the worm on the hook for me. But, when I caught a bluegill, he tried everything to get me to take the fish off the hook, cajoling, pleading, convincing, logic, intimidation, threats, but I WOULD NOT. He was exasperated, but ended up doing it himself. I stood my ground, and still don’t fish, … 🙂

  3. Barbara says:

    You’re horrible experience with Finkle was an early life lesson of the kind of person you would never become. Your Kindergardeners are very lucky to have such a sensitive teacher. That is an age that we are so impressionable – obviously since you still remember that incident! So in a way it was turned around for good.

    Sticking with the Kindergarten theme, I will NEVER forget my first day. It was horrible. All the moms were taking their kids to the first day, but my mom was in the hospital giving birth to my sister! But I loved my daddy so much I didn’t mind him taking me instead until: THE EVIL GRANDMOTHER insisted that she go along (my mother’s mother was staying with us due to the birth of sis). I hated my grandmother (for good reason, trust me) and did not want her there. I cried hysterically, made a scene and felt like so embarrassed in front of all the other kids. I think for that entire school year I felt like the stupid little girl who cried for her Mommy on the first day of school.

  4. notmyboy says:

    Sticking with the kindergarten theme…When I was in kindergarten, I was chosen to be on the PBS show Romper Room. Anyone remember that show? Miss Sue was the host, there was a Do-Bee (a giant bee that taught good behavior LOL), romper stompers (cups that we walked on that were attached to ropes that we held when we walked), etc. I was on the show because my mom was professional friends with Miss Sue. My then best friend, Jenny, was also on the show with me. We taped all five shows in two days (3 the first day and 2 the second). My mom brought different dresses, socks, tights, hair bows, etc and we changed between takes. It was all very exciting.

    I remember this experience mainly because it shattered some magic for me. Prior to being on the show I always thought it was magical when Miss Sue would look up to the “sky” and say, “Mr. Music, please!”…and the music would magically start playing. On the set, I quickly realized that Mr. Music was actually a man in a sound booth. I remember being shocked and horrified by that revelation. Worse, at the end of every show Miss Sue would look into her “magic mirror” and say hello to different boys and girls in “tv land”. When I watched the show, I used to jump around in front of my television hoping she’d SEE me and say my name. On the set I came to learn that she was just reading names off a teleprompter. Un-Be-Leave-Able!!! (I told all my friends the horrible truth, even though my mom signed a non-disclose statement…shhh, don’t tell).

    At the end of the week, Miss Sue invited me and Jenny into the studio so our moms could take our picture with Miss Sue. Photography inside the studio was FORBIDDEN, so this was a special treat for just us two girls. Well…NOPE! A boy who had been filming with us had a mom who threw a whopper fit and Miss Sue allowed him to be in our photo, too. Had I known the word back then, I would have thought her a big douche. LOL

    PS. I still have the photo!

  5. beachteacher says:

    OMG ! How I remember Romper Room…in such a big way. From now on, I’ll always think of you as a celebrity. And how I wanted one of those stick horses they rode around…..never did get one though

    Funny thing….what a different time (to put it mildly)…never thought to even hint, never mind ask my parents for one of those. Soooo, did you see them riding those horses around there ? I swear, I’m still disappointed about not having one of those horses. Do be a doo-bee,…don’t be a don’t-bee ! LOL : )

  6. notmyboy says:

    Oh yes, we got to ride those horses while Mr. Music did his thing. LOL I had a set of Romper Stompers at my house. When my kids were little, I had my husband make them a set because I couldn’t find them in stores anymore and, frankly, childhood isn’t childhood without that clip-clop sound. LOL.

  7. beachteacher says:

    awesome ! : )

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