Somebody put the breaks on…

LITERALLY! I fronted them the money for the new tires which I of course have not seen but that’s ok, I know she will pay me when she can.  What I can’t stand is that they both new the breaks on the car were BAD like really bad but they were happy with the new tires and didn’t have the money for the breaks soooo… Well the break pad shoots off the car and flattens one of the new tires and he of course calls me…angry no less?  WTF? I didn’t do anything. His girl friend has AAA so they have the car towed back to the tire place only guess what?  They don’t have money for a new tire which of course is not covered because I didn’t want to front the extra money on road hazard insurance! Well I don’t want him back at my house so I buy them a new tire but it will be a while before they can pay for the breaks!!!! So he is here. I told my husband I did not want to get involved but he told J it would be fine if he stayed here. He has stayed here two nights and I have had the WORST night sleep in quite a while because even though he is trying to be quiet, I know he is here and I can hear him and it SUCKS! I can not help it I lay in bed wondering where my wallet is? Is there any medication he could get into? Did he leave the door unlocked, did let the dog out and not let him back in and on and on and on…BLECH!  The worst thing about this is I was totally prepared to tell him NO WAY, he can not come back. It was his DAD! Why do I have this feeling he is going to regret this? I won’t even get into the text message I saw on his girl friends cell phone…*&^%%^$&%#^%#! Can I also just tell you all how happy I am his birthday is over.


About madyson007

I am a mom of 4 who thought she was home free when my oldest son went off to college. My serious blunder? Genetics and being naive or maybe just plain stupid.
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5 Responses to Somebody put the breaks on…

  1. Syd says:

    Perhaps it would be good to talk with your husband to make sure that you are on the same page. That way, you both will agree about whether he stays or not. It would not be worth my peace of mind to have someone that I didn’t trust in my home.

  2. Renee C says:

    all i can say is ((hugs))
    Wish I was there and I could give you a big hug.
    I will continue to pray for J and you.

  3. Renee C. says:

    Your husband and yourself must be on the same page. When this all happened in our life or should I say to our life we talked about it and said no matter what we will stay together and stay on the same page. You can’t let it get between you. Just talk to him about your fears etc. Prayers coming your way!

  4. Barbara says:

    Take a deep breath. I hate that feeling of wondering what in the house is safe or not (including pets being let out). I hope things improve. Hugs.

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